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Parental Power of Attorney

Please follow the guidelines below when accepting a Power of Attorney for a student:
  • A Parental Power of Attorney is used to give an adult temporary authority over a child.
  • A valid Parental Power of Attorney issued by the Maricopa County Judicial Branch must be presented to the school office staff.  A general Power of Attorney will not suffice.
  • The Power of Attorney document must be notarized and compliant with Arizona state law.  Power of Attorney documents from other states will not be accepted.
  • A Parental Power of Attorney is valid for six (6) months with the exception of active military personnel who are given a one-year delegation of parental authority.
  • A Parental Power of Attorney grants the appointed adult authority to make decisions according to specified responsibilities outlined in the Power of Attorney document.
  • The person who holds the Parental Power of Attorney is permitted to enroll the child in school.
  • If the child lives with someone other than his/her custodial parent through a Parental Power of Attorney, the school of enrollment is determined by the residential address of the custodial parent.
  • Schools should not accept handwritten notes giving another person authority over their children.  A valid Parental Power of Attorney would need to be obtained prior to enrollment.
  • The Parental Power of Attorney does not supersede FERPA rights.  Information regarding student records will need to be communicated with the custodial parent unless a written consent to release records has been obtained.
  • A Parental Power of Attorney is a temporary arrangement that has no impact on legal custody.  Legal custody of the child remains with the custodial parent. The court system is the only entity that can assign legal custody of a child.