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About Us

We are offering a 12-month program that will be open Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm. There are full day and half day options for children ages 2-5 and all meals are included. 

It goes without saying, early childhood education is critical in the development of growing minds in their early years.  Outstanding preschool education will expose a young mind to experiences that will have an exponential impact on growth and development.  Not only cognitive development of a young mind, but positive exposure to an environment that is fun and exciting will support a student’s lifelong enthusiasm and love for learning.  The preschool experience will advance cognitive development and cultivate social and emotional development, building respect, resilience, teamwork, optimism, innovation, and self-esteem through positive interaction with classmates and teachers.   

Growing Minds Preschool creates an environment where a child will learn through play and the application of Creative Curriculum as the learning program, which follows the Arizona Early Learning State Standards. These tools allow a child to initiate his or her own learning experience.  Growing Minds Preschool promotes cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. Students will develop critical language and communication skills through individual and group learning throughout the day through instruction that engages students when they walk through the door.  Play time is learning time, even meals and snacks, through family-style dining during all meals, students learn their table manners and more importantly, collegiality and mutual respect through social interactions.

Growing Minds Preschool will include activities in reading, writing, math, exposure to science, social studies, music, art, and sports.  Creative expression and physical play is embedded in all activities, with a hands-on learning experience that ensures that a child will love to learn and grow.

Learn through play is a core value that supports cognitive skills, physical growth, new vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills.  The value of play is often underestimated, but a driver to ensure that learning is fun, a motivating factor for every child to participate in school with enthusiasm everyday.

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