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Parent Involvement

Volunteers/Parent Involvement

Aligning with the Freedom Traditional Academy Family Commitment, each family (parents/guardians and/or grandparents) is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per school year with a minimum total of 2.5 volunteer hours per quarter.  This is equivalent to 1 hour per month. 

Volunteers are always needed for classroom projects and activities, PTA events, and field trips. To avoid disruption to the learning environment, individuals are not allowed to visit and/or volunteer in their child’s classroom unannounced. Teacher permission must be obtained prior to volunteering in a classroom.

A Dysart volunteer is an individual who has been given a scheduled, pre-arranged activity by a district staff member to assist in one of the district schools. Any person who volunteers on campus for more than five (5) hours per year must be fingerprinted. All potential volunteers, including parents of students attending schools within Dysart Unified School District, must complete the forms listed below and be cleared before they can begin volunteering.  
  • Volunteer Application  
  • Volunteer Confidentiality Form  
  • Emergency Contact Information  
  • Volunteer Handbook & Orientation Requirement Form 

Parameters for accruing volunteer hours:
  • Volunteers are individuals who volunteer more than five (5) hours per year for any scheduled pre-arranged activity. All volunteers are required to be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting and background checks will be renewed every five (5) years. Volunteer badges reflect the approval and expiration date of the application.  1 hour of volunteer time will be given to family members who obtain a volunteer badge.
  • Volunteers who do not sign out from a volunteering event will only receive 1 hour of volunteer time.
  • Volunteers must be listed as an emergency contact of the student for whom they are volunteering. If you need to add an emergency contact, please contact the front office.
  • In order to ensure that hours are properly awarded, the name of the student that you are volunteering for should be clearly identified and recorded. 
  • Deficiency letters will be sent out quarterly and must be signed and returned. 
  • Enrollment can be revoked if volunteer hours are not met. 
  • Members of the same family cannot accrue volunteer hours separately at the same volunteer event unless they have different volunteer roles.

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