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Clever Login Badges

Although learning to type their username and password is an important skill for young Dysart students to master, we know there are other valuable online learning experiences our preschool through first grade students could be engaged in if only logging in wasn’t so difficult. Good news! Dysart preschool through first grade teachers can now choose to have an easier log-in method enabled on their Chromebooks called Clever Badges.

Using a Clever Badge, students can…
  • Log in quickly using their personal Clever Badge (QR code)
  • Securely access chromebooks using their own personal account
  • Transition to typing in log-in credentials when it is appropriate for each individual

Check out Clever Badges in action! To enable Clever Badges on the devices used by your students, first find the service tag number for all of the chromebooks your students will be using. Then create an IT work order requesting Clever Badge Installation and include the service tag numbers. Once the work order is complete, use these instructions to learn more about printing and using the Clever Badges in your classroom. Note that even when Clever Badges is installed on a chromebook, it can still be used to log in by typing in Google credentials.