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Sustainable Engineering Signature Program

Students learning scienceStudents at Cimarron Springs learn about Sustainable Engineering to understand how communities can come together to solve the challenges of today with consideration for generations to come. While we instill kindness, with caring and concern about sustainable living into our students, they will, in turn,  be an example in their community. We then incorporate our stakeholders in asking them, “What problems do you want to solve?” We work on these problems through deliberate instruction and student experiences that help to make all learning relevant to life long skills. We believe we are preparing the students at Cimarron Springs to be the solvers of tomorrow’s problems.  We do this by creating extraordinary learning opportunities, critical thinking and creating through a Sustainability Engineering focus. Our goal is to leave our community and world a better place through this process.

Connection to the 3As

Sustainable engineering can be woven into all subject areas in all grade levels.  When students select a problem to solve they are making their learning relevant and will connect all subject areas to their project focus; science, math, reading, social studies, and writing. This also connects students to their community and builds a sense of relevance in the face of  the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Sustainable engineering projects can be incorporated into the arts, as well, allowing for additional opportunities to be creative in their solutions. The Arts are a large support for this program.  Many problems of the world have been supported by Musical Artists getting together for a call to action. Artists have painted murals on buildings and have done art shows that represent a call to action.  The design process flows through us like ideas for music and art and can be visually and auditorily represented in this way.

Sustainable Engineering is a large part of multiple design processes from clothing to shoes to the equipment and structures that are used for athletic events.  Many shoe companies are looking at ways to support making shoes with sustainable products. Our athletes would be able to speak to how efforts of athletes may be able to support the idea of creating sports equipment, structures and clothing using sustainable materials.  Teams may also pledge to not use single use plastics at practices and games and opt for reusable materials. Sporting events could potentially have various green initiatives.