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2006 Bond Information

The Dysart Unified School District had a bond question on the 2006 ballot that was approved by voters. The bond was approved for up to $192 million, however, the district only ended up selling bonds for $122 million. 

Bonds are typically sold and then paid back over a range of time from 1 to 20-years. Dysart refinanced the bond debt at a lower interest rate in 2016. This savings lowered the bond tax rate for taxpayers, but did not lengthen the payback period, which goes through 2027.  In this situation, the district does not get to spend more money or use the savings in other areas. The savings from refinancing only benefits our taxpayers, and will save them almost $10 million by the time the payback period ends.  

How Was the 2006 Bond Spent?
  • $30.3 million - Enhancements to 5 new elementary schools and 2 new high schools, beyond the funding provided by the Arizona School Facilities Board for construction of these new schools 
  • $12 million - Construction of new, replacement buildings for Luke Elementary and Surprise Elementary 
  • $27.7 million - Upgrades of Valley Vista High School academic, athletic and performing arts facilities 
  • $20.8 million - Purchase of land, and construction of District Support Center and District Office
  • $8.3 million - Acquisition of buses 
  • $11.3 million - Renovation of Dysart Elementary School, Dysart High School academic building and track
  • $10 million - Upgrades at 17 elementary schools and 2 high schools, including construction of shade structures and playgrounds