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Beginning Monday, Aug 31, Developmental, Title I and Role Model Preschool families will have the option to have their preschool students return to onsite, in-person learning. 

We are providing several options:
  1. In-person class and special education services per the IEP, 5 days a week for regular AM/ PM session (1 hour/45 min on Monday and 2 hours and 45 minutes Tues-Friday). Transportation will be provided to those students who have transportation as a related service in their IEP. 
  2. In-person, by appointment services as written in the IEP [Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) and Related Services] with remote participation in class for all other times - as determined by student NEED.
  3. Continuation of participation in class remotely. Students with IEPs will continue to receive their SDI and Related Services per their IEP remotely.
*Role Models who chose this option will not be charged tuition when participating remotely*

We are asking families who want to opt in to in-person preschool to contact your Preschool Facilitator/ESS Teacher/Title I Teacher by Thursday at 4pm to let them know that you would like to have your child participate in the in-person learning option so that teams can plan for your child’s in-person participation. Families can continue to opt in after Thursday, but transportation will contact families as the routes are established. Prior to returning in-person please visit and complete the signature for the Acknowledgement form. 
If your child currently has transportation listed as a related service in their Individual Education plan, we will be working to re-establish transportation. Families that notify sites by 4pm Thursday, Aug 27 should have transportation routed by Tuesday, Sept. 01. As soon as a family notifies the school they wish to have in-person services, the school team will work to get transportation routed. Please know this may take 3-5 school days from notice. We appreciate your patience getting routes re-established.
*Snack - parents who choose to have students return to in-person class or by appointment SDI  will need to provide an individual student snack for your child each day. During this time, we will not be serving “family style” snacks. 
Students attending a Title One site, will continue to have meals delivered to the classroom and they will be served in individual containers.  If families don’t qualify for free or reduced meals they may purchase a daily meal for students. Details and pricing can be found on our website at Food and Nutrition.  Families also have the option to send breakfast or lunch with their child each day.

All staff, students and guardians entering the school will need to have their temperature checked upon arrival.  Each site will be working to identify the specific arrival and dismissal process and preschool staff will be communicating this to families. If a staff, student or guardian displays a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, at any time, the site Health Services Assistant will be contacted to determine next steps. 

For students 5 and under, we will be making reasonable efforts to encourage children to wear a face covering unless they are a student who: has trouble breathing; are unable to remove the mask/shield without assistance; has severe cognitive or respiratory impairments; or other medical conditions that would make them medically exempt. Preschool teachers will work to help our young students with this effort. Reasonable measures include: partnering with families, modeling, reminders to use of face mask or shield, social stories and lessons regarding face coverings.

Staff will be following procedures for increased sanitization, and all staff will be required to wear face coverings unless medically exempt.  We will do our best to maintain social distancing, but this may be difficult with preschool students due to their age and understanding of the concept. 

We appreciate your ongoing patience and support as we continue to adapt to the present challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents. We look forward to the continued growth and learning of all our preschool students, regardless of the location from which they are attending