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Welcome Back - Virtual Meet the Teacher!

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Mrs. Hessler, Principal
Mrs. Hill, Asst Principal

Ms. Judd
Mrs. Bodner

1st Grade:
Mrs. Fallon
Mrs. Greer
2nd Grade:                                                                                                                                                                        
Mrs. Rogers
Mrs. Axness 
3rd Grade: 
Mrs. Divers                                                                                                                                                                        
Mrs. Karlovich 
4th Grade:
Ms. Bowman 
Mr. Dunham

5th Grade:
Mrs. Gutierrez
Mr. Waite

6th Grade:
Mrs. Smith
Ms. Woodard
Ms. Choe

7th Grade:
Mr. Hewitt
Ms. Americo
Mrs. Wilson

8th Grade:
Mrs. Mayer
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Bingham

Ms. Treichel
Ms. Aguirre
Ms. Pepe

2nd and 3rd:
Ms. DiMatteo
Ms. Buchmiller

4th and 5th Grade:
Mrs. Banks
Ms. Hunter

6th - 8th Grade:
Ms. Garcia
Ms. Carr

Mrs. Vaka - iExplore
Ms. Goode - Art/Music
Mr. Marquardt - PE
Mr. Broughton - Band

Mrs. Mithelavage
Mrs. Dunning
Mrs. Radford

Patricia Carberry

K-3 Reading Interventionist
Suzanne Maves