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K-8 Online

Student working at home

December, 2021 Update
Due to low online enrollment, current staffing shortages and funding challenges, Dysart K-8 Online will not be offered for the 22-23 school year.


Dysart K-8 Online will provide students and families with the opportunity to learn in an engaging environment with live teaching throughout the day.

Teaching and Learning
Classes will be taught from a Dysart classroom, however students may access the learning from any location.  Instruction will follow the grade level pacing for each course.  Students will have the option to join the class virtually as well as attend a 15 minute open question/ session if needed daily.

Movement Between Online and In-Person Instruction
Students may return to in person classes at any time throughout the year.  However, the enrollment period to move to Dysart K-8 Online has passed and no additional students are being accepted at this time.
  • If your child is failing Math or Reading, your child will be exited from Dysart K-8 Online and placed back into Brick and Mortar at their home campus at the end of the quarter.

Attendance will be taken once a day, at the morning huddle by the teacher. Students will be required to check in live at the start of the school day for attendance. 

Dysart K-8 Online students will be required to take their grade level benchmarks and any state tests in person at their home school or open enrolled campus.  Arrangements will be made prior to testing.

Extracurricular Activities
Dysart K-8 Online students will be able to participate in any before or after school activity or sport at their home or open enrolled school. Students must attend these activities in person.

Daily Schedule
Teachers will provide the specific daily schedule for the students .

Students will take their core classes Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts as well as Art and PE. Florida Virtual will be the Dysart K-8 Online curriculum resource.

Chromebooks are available for check out at the student's home campus.

Enrollment Criteria
  • The final grade on the 20-21 school year report card is a passing grade in both Math and Reading
  • Students are being promoted to the next grade level
  • Students are NOT being retained for the 21-22 school year
  • To continue in Dysart K-8 Online, the requirement will be to earn passing grades quarterly in both Math and Reading

Enrollment for the 21-22 school year has reached capacity and is closed.  

Questions? For general K-8 Online questions, please email [email protected]. For questions about Special Education or IEPs, please contact [email protected] .