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Arizona State Retirement

ASRS:  The 20/20 Rule
  • Part-time Status
According to the Arizona State Retirement System, any employee that is hired on an intermittent basis and working for at least 20 weeks at 20 hours or more per week becomes eligible for retirement benefits effective the 20th week.
This benefit is mandatory and is not retroactive.
  • Retired Members
Employees that return to work after retiring from this district or another Arizona public employer where payroll deductions were submitted to the Arizona State Retirement System should be aware of the number of hours they can work in the District without jeopardizing their retirement benefits.
A retired member may return to work and still be eligible to receive retirement benefits if all of the following requirements are satisfied.
1. The retired member has attained the members normal retirement age.
2. The retired member terminated employment at least twelve (12) months before returning to work.

Should you have any questions regarding Arizona State Retirement, please contact ASRS by phone at 602.240.2000 or visit their website at