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Student Directory Information

What Is Student Directory Information?
  • Student Directory Information consists of the following Personally Identifiable Information (PII):
    • Student's name
    • Student's address
    • Student's telephone listing
    • Student's date and place of birth
    • Student's photograph
    • Student grade level
    • Student's major field of study
    • Student's dates of attendance
    • Student's enrollment status
    • Student's participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    • Student's weight and height if a member of an athletic team
    • Student's honors and awards received
    • Student's most recently attended educational agency or institution  
  • According to state and federal law, if the Governing Board permits the release of directory information relating to students to persons or organizations who inform students of educational or occupational opportunities, the Governing Board shall provide access to directory information on the same basis to military official recruiting representatives for the purpose of informing students of educational and occupational opportunities available to them - unless the parent or eligible student requests in writing to the District not to release directory information to any person or organization without prior signed and dated written consent.
  • Dysart Unified School District does not grant requests for student directory information for commercial purposes.

What Is A Standard Directory Release and Who can Request them?
  • Military
  • Junior Colleges
  • Vendors performing services for the Dysart Unified School District
    • District Photographers
    • Grads Photography
    • Jostens
    • Interstate
    • Top Choice

Who Is  Authorized To Release Student Directory Information?
  • The District Records Department (with the assistance of the Student Information System team) is charged with processing all directory information requests including Student Directory releases.  

Who Is Not Authorized To Release Student Directory Information?
  • Schools/Sites are not authorized to process any Student Directory Information requests.

I am a college recruiter or authorized Dysart vendor; How do I request standard student directory information?
  • Email and provide the following information:
    • What is the purpose of the request
    • What specific directory information you need
    • School(s)
    • Grade level of students
    • Your contact information (email and phone #)

Do not call in, fax  or walk-in your request; we will only accept  student directory release requests via email.  

Please allow for a reasonable period of time (5-10 business days) from the date we received the request to compile the reports with the assistance of our Student Information Systems team.

I am a military recruiter. How do I request student standard directory information or demographic lists by cohort?
  • The Records Information Management Department fulfills student directory requests starting the last week of September for the new school year.  Student directory information requested for military will include the following:
    • School
    • Cohort year
    • Student name (first, last)
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
  • Note  that this will not include the students who opt out of standard directory releases
  • Student Demographic lists (Ex:  gender numbers per class cohort) can be requested throughout the year.
  • Send your request to - email is the best way to contact the RIM & Archives department.
    • Do not call or walk-in at the District Office or Support Facility - processing your request will be delayed
    • Do not call the high school - they do not fulfill these types of requests

Please allow for a reasonable period of time (5-10 business days) from the date we received the request to compile the reports with the assistance of our Student Information Systems team.  

For graduation/education verifications, please follow the procedures for Student Records Requests.

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