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Your CaLL Project Proposal Process

Project Proposal Overview
To be considered for approval, proposed projects must result in a product that supports the district mission, vision, and strategic plan and
  • Can be used to improve educational practices in the district
  • Is a tool, strategy, program model, concept, or construct that supports engineering 21st century graduates
  • Can be replicated and is sustainable
  • Enhances the expertise of participants within an area of professional interest
  • May include collaboration among multiple CaLL candidates (not necessarily from the same site)
  • Includes a project plan and timeline with milestones to which participants will be held accountable
  • Must be completed no later than the last week of March

Project Plan will include:
  • Project Title
  • Project Manager
  • Project Members
  • Project Description
  • Project Goals - How does this project support the strategic plan?
  • Product/Deliverables
  • Timeline/Milestones
  • Stakeholders - Who does the project affect and how?

Sample Projects

Certified Staff
Senior capstone project - Develop the design for an optional project for senior students to identify a precise essential question that requires personal, academic, and community exploration.  The project creates an idea, service, and/or product that reflects imagination, a fresh perspective, or a new approach.  The project would represent a collaborative effort between high school departments and include community support.  To complete the senior project, the learner independently sets achievable, challenging goals and consistently monitors progress and provides evidence to advisor of using time effectively.  The capstone project includes the development of an electronic portfolio and culminates in a presentation to a capstone project panel.

Transitional student project - Develop the design for a transitional plan that supports students successful transition from school to career and incorporates student interests, provides meaningful academic experiences, and creates a connection to the community.

Resources that support 21st Century learning - Create a unit with lesson plans and assessments aligned with district curriculum and inclusive of learning strategies that incorporate communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity (4Cs) through authentic learning experiences.

Professional development that supports 21st Century learning - Design a professional development training module focused on a component of the Profile of a Dysart Graduate.  The project should use the 4Cs as the design principles for professional development.

Parent and community outreach to support 21st Century learning - Design a community outreach program that takes into consideration the specific needs of the school community while capitalizing on 21st century communication tools.

Project Extensions - The application or implementation and revision of a completed project could be approved as a follow-up project.

Support Staff
Customer Service - provide resources, training and materials to support customer service
Efficiency Improvements - provide resources, trainings, and process design to improve efficiency within the district (ie a flip chart for handling processes, replacing a manual process with a process that capitalizes on technology tools, etc.)
Communication - improvement of communication protocols and avenues between stakeholders
Mentoring - developing mentoring programs and increasing capacity or cross-training opportunities
Morale - develop processes, procedures, and systems that support improved staff morale

Administrative Staff
Summer vetting of curriculum and instruction projects
Community outreach projects

Open doors for student internships/authentic experiences

Involve business leaders/community
Parent connections
Recruitment and retention of staff
Culture/Morale - design systems that build cultures that support student achievement

Project Proposal Template

Individuals who have been accepted into the Your CaLL program as Candidates are eligible to submit a project proposal.  The project proposal is a Google site and will become the collaborative workspace for project progress once the project proposal has been approved for inclusion into the Your CaLL program.  Submitted project proposals will be evaluated using the Project Evaluation Rubric.  All project teams should receive notification about the status of their proposal a week after the proposal submission deadline.

To view the project proposal template, click here.

To create a Google Site using the project template, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the Your CaLL project proposal template.
  2. Click the red button at the top that says "Use Template."
  3. Enter a name for your project proposal Google site and click create.
  4. Modify Google site permissions (using the Share button) so that project team members can edit the site and anyone with the link can view the site.

Project proposal submissions are no longer bring accepted for the 2017-2018 school year.  Those interested in proposing a project for the 2018-2019 school year should look for a communication coming in Spring 2018.

***All submitted project proposals must be created using the Your CaLL project proposal template. 

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