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Total Quality Indicators

 CTE Program Improvement Instrument -Total Quality Indicators

The West-MEC Program Improvement process is--as the name suggests--to be used for continuous program improvement. Each district annually completes a Self-Evaluation of every career and technical education (CTE) Program provided.  Additionally, every three years, West-MEC and ADE conduct a joint on-site program review. An Action Plan is then developed for any standard not achieving a rubric score of 80%.

West-MEC developed a Total Quality Indicators tool to help each district identify current program strengths and areas of improvement.  The instrument includes six standards designed to validate a comprehensive CTE program. The standards are embedded in a rubric aligned with the CTE Delivery Model, ADE program requirements and relevant legislation. Upon completion of either a self or on-site review, any CTE program may use this instrument to determine how the program has made progress in its development.

The first two Dysart high schools that completed the TQI process were Dysart High School and Willow Canyon High School.  Their results are shown in the table below:

Total Quality Indicatior Results by School
  Dysart High School Willow Canyon Shadow Ridge Valley Vista 
Program Delivery 83.33% 98.9% 96.2% 97.20%
Facilities, Equipment & Materials 90.00% 100% 100% 98.80%
Curriculum & Instruction 91.50% 98.67% 100% 97.60%
Stakeholders 55.00% 86.67% 100% 93.80%
Professional Development 85.00% 91.67% 97.8% 93.40%
CTSO 100.00% 100% 100% 97.20%