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Luke Teacher Takes to the Skies
Luke Elementary School iExplore Teacher, Christina Tormollan flies a cessnaLuke Elementary School iExplore Teacher, Christina Tormollan, recently got a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in a Cessna 172Nxi aircraft for a discovery flight with the United States Air Force (USAF) Civil Air Patrol as part of the Aerospace Education Member Program.  

“It allowed me to see my school from a different perspective,” said Tormollan.  “This state is no longer just a desert but rather an oasis of opportunities!”

Tormollan flew with Major Ron Marks, a pilot in the Civil Air Patrol since 1989, who also flies as a professional pilot for FedEx.  They traveled at around 150 miles per hour at an altitude between 1,500 and 3,000 feet above the Northwest Valley.

The purpose of the Aerospace Education Member Program is to provide teachers with these opportunities so they can share it with their students and get them interested in aviation and aerospace.  
Luke Elementary School will tie aeronautical opportunities into their iExplore program through a partnership with Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Civil Air Patrol.  They will provide opportunities for students to be involved in drone technology as well as robotics and coding.  Tormollan and Luke Elementary hope these partnerships for the students will help them transition to high school with the district’s Career and Technical Education programs such as Network Technology, Engineering, and Coding.
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Dysart District Virtual Art Show
Dysart USD preschool through 12th-grade students and Visual Art teachers have put together a beautiful collection of artwork they have created throughout the 2020-2021 school year.
Please enjoy this spectacular art show.
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What's Happening in 2nd Grade?
Students sitting in circleSecond grade worked on a three week study on the life cycle of a chicken as part of a cross curricular science and ELA project. Our fantastic Luke teacher, McKayla Swank, had an incubator and eggs live streaming from a room in her house.  During class, students checked the eggs  to make observations and describe any changes over time. The students learned how to conduct research and worked together to study the eight different breeds that were incubating. They used this information to write a research paper! Last weekend, the eggs finally hatched and the newly born chicks were finally welcomed onto campus on Wednesday! Ms. Swank, Ms. Harshman, and Ms. Meads' classes all got to spend one day with all the chicks before sending them off to their new home! 

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Spirit Week
STUCO has fun Spirit Days in May

Spirit Week May 10-14th [PDF]

Show your SPIRIT!
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Please Review Us!
We want every family to have an extraordinary experience at Luke.  Please take a moment to write a Review of Luke Elementary School.  If your experience has been anything less than what you expected, please contact the front office at 623-876-7300 and we’d be happy to assist you. #JetsSOAR

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NEW Signature Program at Luke
We are excited to announce that Luke teams are starting the process of designing a Signature Program for the 2021-22 school year.  We need your feedback!  Please take two minutes to answer our quick Signature Program Survey that will be used to guide our early discussions.  

Survey Link
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Read-a-thon raises $26,338
child holding booksA HUGE congratulations to all students and families for fundraising over $25,000 for Luke!  To celebrate this amazing achievement, Luke staff will be dying their hair blue and yellow this Friday for spirit day!  Please join us in celebrating this amazing accomplishment by wearing blue and yellow on Friday!

Congratulations again to Luke students for our fundraising efforts!  Our final fundraising dollars were $26,338! Our top fundraisers were: 
  • Parker from Ms. Villalobos raising $510
  • Mariah from Ms. Cox raising $520
  • Cruz from Ms. Villalobos, raising $555
  • Lilium from Ms. Harshman, raising $580
  • Vanessa from Ms. Harshman, raising $640
  • Sophia from Ms. Harshman, raising $688
  • Theodore from Ms. Villalobos, raising $825
  • Enrique from Ms. Love, raising $836
  • Leonette from Ms. Villalobos, raising $1,236
  • Emily from Ms. Staniforth, raising $1,500

And, RAISING $3,065 dollars, our top earner, Bryce from Ms. Michels classroom!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  Remember to wear blue and yellow this Friday to celebrate our school spirit.
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Important Safety Message from the Principal
Safety UpdateHello Luke Elementary parents,

This morning we had a brief lockdown on campus while we verified details about a potential security incident at Luke Air Force Base. The lockdown was lifted after we confirmed there was no threat to our school. Everyone is safe and classes continue on the normal schedule. 

Molly Gillett, Principal
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An Important Message from Principal Gillett
Dysart Safety UpdateLuke Elementary Parents and Guardians,

We always want to keep you informed about anything that impacts the health and safety of our campus. This afternoon we were advised to avoid using our school water supply for drinking or cooking as a precaution due to toxins being found in the water supply wells in the area. 

As advised, and with an abundance of caution, water fountains will not be available at Luke Elementary, and we have made alternative plans for food preparation on campus. In the meantime, we will have bottled water available for drinking. Please note that hand washing is ok, and sinks will still be available in restrooms and other facilities. 

The toxins were discovered when Luke Air Force Base submitted water samples for analysis of PFAS (Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), which are components present in many commonly used products, including a foam used by the firefighting industry. The preliminary results indicated that at least one of the water samples exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lifetime Health Advisory of 70 parts per trillion. Valley Utility Water Company’s water supply was impacted, which supplies water for 5,000 area customers, including Luke Elementary School. 

The health and safety of our students and staff is always our top priority, and we are working closely with Luke Air Force Base and Valley Utility Water Company on a long term solution, and they are working to install remediation measures in the water facilities. We will keep you posted as updates are available. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this challenge together.
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