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Clubs & Activities 21-22'

Beautification Club

Countryside’s Beautification/Garden club has 35 members and meets monthly. This club is open to our first graders and is their first experience of an afterschool club.  We have some wonderful 2nd-4th students that help lead the club. Our amazing first graders have painted rocks, created spirit posters, cleaned our campus playgrounds, and decorated our entrance with chalk drawings. During the second semester our club will be focusing on gardening. We will be using portable planters and teaching our first graders how to maintain a garden.

Sponsors-Natasha Fallon, Elizabeth Kucera, Christine Divers, Dominique Greer and Kelsey Wertz

Countryside’s Book Club 

The Countryside Book Club is offered to second, third, and fourth graders.  The mission of our club is to instill a love of reading into all of our members, by introducing readers to a variety of books including new books and classics.   The club meets monthly to share highlights and discuss the featured book.  At our first meeting, students shared their favorite genres of books, and topics that interested them.  A couple of the suggestions were animals and mysteries. 
One of the very first books we read was Afternoon on the Amazon A Magic Treehouse Book by Mary Pope Osborne.  The students expressed excitement after reading the book about the various animals in the rainforest like the anaconda, monkey, and alligators. One of the advantages of reading a book in a series is it opens up the possibility of students seeking out subsequent books.  Next month’s book is a mystery called Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball by David Adler.  

Sponsors Mrs. Axness & Mrs. McBrayer


Our Broadcast Club consists of a small group of dedicated 3rd and 4th graders that have a passion for being on camera and/or working on sets behind the scenes.  Our club members come together once every week to discuss and film the important news and current events at Countryside Elementary.  This year, we've finally introduced the green screen into our weekly routines and our students are having a blast with it.  Last semester, members of the Valley Vista High School's Broadcast Club visited our set and helped us set up our greenscreen and lights.  This semester, we are planning a visit to the high school to tour their studio and learn more about the CTE program, Media Productions.

Sponsor-Tatiana Vaka

Student Council 

The Student Council at Countryside Elementary is a small group of young individuals, 3rd and 4th graders, that team up on various projects and events that build character and leadership skills.  Our group is led by five 4th grade board officers who meet once a week before our weekly club meetings to prepare an agenda that they will present to the rest of the club.  This year we've had the privilege to again participate in Valley Vista High School's annual parade, lead the pledge for the Surprise City Council meeting, lead and volunteer for Countryside's annual Polar Express night, and partner with PTSA on smaller school projects.  We plan to host a couple more spirit weeks this year as well as a couple fundraisers.

Sponsor-Tatiana Vaka


Our drumline program offers students the opportunity to learn basic skills in order to play the drums.  Our line is made up of 3rd and 4th graders and also includes a few Countryside staff members.  With our drumsticks and plastic buckets, we've had the privilege to share a few beats with our community.

Sponsor-Aliona Hewitt


Our choir this year is made up of 3rd and 4th graders who love to sing.  Our group meets twice a week to do vocal, breathing, listening, and singing exercises, both individually and as a group.  The members of our group have had the opportunity to perform twice this year for our community and we look forward to a few more performances before the year is over.

Sponsor-Aliona Hewitt