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Gourmet Treats and Sweets Fundraiser
Gourmet Cookies, Popcorn and Treats

How The Sale Will Help

All profits from this sale will go toward programs and materials which will benefit all of our students.

Sale runs from: October 21st – November 4th (Distribution will be the week of: November 16th)

Packet order forms were sent home with students and online ordering is also available.

Family & Friends can shop online at:

Please turn order forms in with CASH OR CHECK on NOVEMBER 4th Make checks payable to: RGES PTSO 

In addition to raising money for our school, student can earn Prizes! Prizes!  Prizes!
All Online Orders Count Toward Your Prizes!

Thank you for your support!
Questions? Please call 1-800-379-4888

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RGES Fall Picture Day 10/22/2020
Grads Photography will be at Rancho Gabriela on October 22nd for Fall Pictures. 
iSchool students may arrive for pictures from 12:30-1:15pm entering directly thru the Cafe to limit social interactions-masks are required upon entry.  Please note only one adult may accompany iSchool students on campus. We will also have a picture re-take day in November for students unable to make it.

Under the current limited contact conditions, online is the preferred method of ordering. It is Easy, Secure and Safe. There will be a limited amount of order envelopes available at the school for those that require one for payment.  Please note that, school dress code will be in effect.  If you have any questions, please call Grads Photography at 623.580.4723.

Social distancing and other precautions will be taken during the event for everyone's safety.
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RGES Re-Opening to students
Date: 9/4/2020

Hello Rancho Gabriela Families- 

The district has now announced that school reopening dates for in person students is September 14th for  grades K-4 and September 21st for grades 5-8.  This letter is to provide you with some important information to prepare for this change. 
Chromebooks/Devices and Supplies
All students will need to continue to bring their Chromebooks charged each day to school and take them home each night.  Any students who selected to use their own personal devices can bring them each day to use.  Those in need of checking out a Chromebook while at school should contact homeroom teachers to notify them so that a device can be prepared for use.  Students will use their designated device throughout the school year.   Let us know by Wednesday, September 9th if your child will need a device while at school. 
Students will not be using shared supplies this year.  Please check the supply lists on our website for recommended supplies by grade. 
Safety Procedures/Masks 
All students and staff will be required to wear masks throughout the day except at lunch, recess, and mask breaks outside.  Our recommendation is to practice this at home prior to coming back to school, especially for the younger grades.  No one will be allowed to be on school property or buses without wearing masks.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
In addition to masks,  regular cleaning and disinfecting will occur,  especially on high touch surfaces.  Hand sanitizer stations or sinks for washing hands will be readily available. 
We are asking parents to screen their children for symptoms before school, and keep children home if they exhibit specific symptoms.  We will also have temperature checks that will be done daily on both staff and students. 
Drop-Off Morning Procedures
  • Campus will open at 7:55 AM for K-8 students.  Students may NOT be dropped off early unless they are attending a school activity or tutoring.  There is NO supervision before this time. 
  • Preschool students should arrive at 8:10 AM.  Preschool students will have to be greeted at their gate and sign in.  Parents should park and walk through the designated crosswalk by the front of the school. 
  • Younger students will be greeted by an adult and walked to their classroom the first week of school. 
  • All students will enter the main gate in the front.  Students will then either go directly to breakfast (if desired) or straight to class. 
  • Vehicles may drop off students along the curbside in the designated area drop off lane only. 
  • Vehicles are not allowed to be waiting/standing still in front of the school.  Anyone who needs extended time should park. Staff members will ask all vehicles to unload to avoid unnecessary back-up. 
  • Please make sure students are wearing their masks as they exit vehicles. 
  • Students may not be dropped off in the parking lot.

Dismissal Procedures
Grades will be dismissed slightly staggered to improve social distancing. 

Dismissing at 9:50 and 1:50 on Mondays and 10:50/2:50 Tuesdays-Fridays
Due to licensing requirements, preschool parents must park, cross the crosswalk, and go to the gate to sign out their children.  

Dismissing at 12:55/2:55
Kindergarten will be waiting near the PreK/Kindergarten playground gate entrance with their teachers to be picked up by parents or older siblings. Teachers will be sending out more info about what this will look like. 

Grades 1-2
Dismissing at 12:55/2:55
1st and 2nd graders will exit the double doors near the Library with their teachers. Older siblings or parents may pick up from this area.  If parents are doing curbside pickup, your child will be walked to your vehicle.  

Grades 3-8
3-4 dismissing at 12:56/2:56
5-6 dismissing at 12:58/2:58
7-8 dismissing at 1:00/3:00
  • All 3-8 students will exit the main gates at staggered dismissal times and will be escorted out by teachers in an orderly fashion. 
  • Vehicles will be encouraged not to leave excessive space between other cars if arriving early.  This will allow for the safe filling up along the curbside lane and more loading with a shorter queue. 
  • Rancho staff will ask after five minutes that vehicles no longer wait for students to come out of the building. At that point in time, children who are not present to load into vehicles will have another chance after vehicles move back through the loop. This will prevent a backup of vehicles.  
Please be patient, as we do expect more parent pickups this year.  By following the procedures above we will move to dismiss as quickly and safely as possible.  
Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and minimizing exposures, no visitors are allowed on campus for lunch or for any other reason. This will include the first day of in-person learning. 
Younger Students Lunches/Special Notes 
Please practice run-throughs with lunches for younger students.  Do not pack items that they are unable to open themselves.  Items to consider for practice would be juice pouches, containers with difficult lids, yogurts with places to tear, and the like.  We appreciate your assistance in this matter. 
As always, we thank you for your continued support.  We are excited to have the students returning and look forward to seeing them soon!  Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at [email protected]


Michelle Kimball (Ruff), Principal
Rancho Gabriela Elementary
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School Supply Lists
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Chromebook Distribution & Meet the Teacher
This school year is fast approaching and we would like to share important Back to School information.

Chromebook Distribution to students

Chrombook distribution will be coming up  on July 29 from 4:00pm-6:00pm, and on July 30th from 8:00am-10:00am and also from 4:00pm-6:00pm to support remote learning.  Chromebook distribution is for those families that have indicated that they need a computer for remote learning or iSchool.

This year, for learning, your child will use Schoology to access their instruction.  Please see this 5 minute VIDEO on how parents and guardians can help support learning through Schoology while outside of school.

Virtual Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher Night will be virtual.  On Thursday, July 30th, you receive an email from your child’s new teacher between 3:00-4:00pm.  This email will introduce you to  your new teacher for the 20/21 school year.  You will also have an opportunity to view a powerpoint, introducing the teacher a little more and it will also contain information about the school, the staff and this school year.  There will be an additional opportunity for you to virtually meet with your child’s teacher on Monday, August 3rd.  Be on the lookout for sign up times and Google invitations to have a meet and greet with them. 

Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the District’s website to help support any additional questions you may have on the return to school.
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Goodbye from Mr. Kerr

Dear Students, Parents and the Rancho Gabriela Community,

It is with mixed feeling that I deliver this news. This year will be my final year at Rancho. I am retiring and will pursue another career. I have had 10 great years at Rancho serving students, teachers, and our community. Thank you for entrusting me as your principal for my tenure. Rancho has the best staff in the district and Ms. Ruff will take over as principal next year which is what I hoped for. 

You are in many great hands of Rancho staff members helping your children and young adults grow into EPIC adults. 

Thank you.

Mr. Kerr
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8th Grade Promotion
We are excited for our Drive Thru Promotion to celebrate 8th grade promotion!

Drive Thru Promotion will be Wednesday, May 20th @ 9am!  

Please follow the traffic control instructions upon arrival.

8th grade students will receive Promotion Certificates, Pre-ordered Yearbooks, Honors and awards, and treats in a special goodie bag.

Check out the Rancho Gabriela Elementary Facebook page or check out the 8th Grade Baby Rattlers video HERE
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Promotion Photos
We are excited to offer parents the opportunity for Kindergarten and 8th grade Promotion pictures.  Grads Photography is scheduling individual photo sessions so your child does not miss out on capturing this special moment in time.   Schedule Now

As a reminder: 
8th Promotion will be a drive thru celebration at Rancho Gabriela on Wednesday, May 20th at 9am.  We are excited to celebrate Promotion with you!

Also, Kindergarten teachers will be having a drive thru Aloha Celebration on Monday, May 18th from 3-5pm and Tuesday, May 19th from 8-10am.  Please plan on attending one of these event times to say goodbye to Kinder teachers and pick up student belongings.
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Remote Learning Grading Process

April 13, 2020

Dear Rancho Families,

We know there are many questions regarding the grading process as we are doing remote learning for this last semester. While it is our hope that remote learning is a meaningful and engaging experience, we are being flexible to ensure that students have every opportunity to demonstrate competency.

Here are the grading guidelines we are following for the Spring 2020 semester for K-8 students:
  • K-5th grade student work should not exceed 1 - 2 hours per day, or approximately 15 minutes per subject. Please note that reading (or ELA) and math may be slightly longer.

  • 6th - 8th grade student work should not exceed 20 to 30 minutes per day, per subject, or 2 to 3 hours a day in total.

  • Teachers will give one grade per subject, every week. This includes the special that each class is scheduled for that week.

  • Late work rules have been suspended, so if work is late it will be graded for full credit.

  • Shorter quizzes will replace unit tests and students will have the opportunity for retakes.

  • In general, work should not negatively impact grades. If the teacher notes that the work is not at the same level the student performed at prior to the closure, work should be returned to the student to redo.

  • If a student does not turn in an assignment, an Incomplete (I) will be entered and the teacher will reach out first to the student and then to the parent to encourage completion.

We look forward to working with your students remotely for the remainder of the year. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or principal. It is our goal to make remote learning as easy as possible during this challenging time, and we are dedicated to working with each of you to make that happen.

Thank you!
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Share your good news and celebrations!
Good News and CelebrationsThe Dysart Unified School District would like to celebrate students, staff and community members who are contributing to the greater good during this unprecedented time. Do you have a teacher or staff member who is going above and beyond in assisting a student in remote learning?  Is your student/club working on a community service project or spreading cheer through a positive action? Did a community group or organization donate time or goods to your school? We want to hear from you. Please fill out the form below with the information and share a photo of the kind act so we can share these #DysartExtraordinary actions with our community.

Good News and Celebrations Form
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