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Clubs & Activities

National Junior Honor Society
6-8th grades
NJHS recognizes students performing at high academic levels of success! [email protected]

Student Council
6th-8th grades
Students in grades 6th-8th vote for their peers to serve as class representatives.  StuCo members serve as positive examples of Rancho's EPIC values.  [email protected]

2nd - 8th Grades
Mrs. Mendoza has a lot of fun in store! If you love creating, imagining and sometimes getting messy this is the activity for you.  [email protected]

Rachel's Challenge 
5th - 8th Grades
Rachel's Challenge works towards anti-bullying with positivity and acceptance for all people.  [email protected]

Football Skills Club
5th-8th Grades
If you are interested in learning football fundamentals or improving football skills join this club.  [email protected]