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Clubs and Activities

Student Council  - Ms. Boehmler and Ms. Felix
  (open to 6th-8th graders)
  Applications to join are available - see Ms. Boehmler room 232
  Applications are due on 10/01
  Elections are on 10/09

  Starts 10/21 - every Wednesday from 3-4pm


Journalism Club - Ms. Schubmehl
  (open to 3rd-8th graders)

  Starts 9/17 - every Thursday from 3-4pm
  Interested in joining - please see Ms. Schubmehl rm 155 for more information
  $10 tax credit activity fee for club - payable online


FOR Club- Ms. Rice
  (open to 4th-8th)

  Starts 9/29 - every Tuesday from 7:30-7:55am

NJHS- Ms. Swartz
  (open to 7th-8th graders)

  Starts 9/03 - every Thursday from 3-4pm