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Smart Snacks in Schools--USDA

Smart SnackUSDA recently published practical, science-based nutrition standards for snack foods and beverages sold to children at school during the school day.  The standards, required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, will allow schools to offer healthier snack foods to children, while limiting junk food.

The health of today's school environment continues to improve. Students across the country are now offered healthier school lunches with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The Smart Snacks in School standards will build on those healthy advancements and ensure that kids are only offered tasty and nutritious foods during the school day.

The Smart Snacks in Schools regulations will apply to all foods and beverages sold in vending machines, snack bars, a la carte, student stores, fundraisers and school events.  School day means, for the purpose of competitive food standards implementation, the period from the midnight before, to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day.  School campus means, for the purpose of competitive food standards implementation, all areas of the property under the jurisdiction of the school that are accessible to students during the school day.

Please contact Nutrition Services at 623-876-7075 if you have questions or need assistance after reviewing the guidance provided below.  

Please reference Dysart Wellness Policy 10.46 Procedure for fundraising and Student Store guidelines as well as the USDA Guide to Smart Snacks in Schools.

Smart Snack Approval Process for Fundraising and Student Stores

Is your snack a Smart Snack? Find out with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Product Calculator! This calculator has been determined by the USDA, Food and Nutrition Service to be accurate in assessing product compliance with the federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools. The calculator can be used on food and beverages.

Smart Snacks in Schools Calculator
USDA Smart Snacks in Schools website