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Site Council

  • The responsibility of the Site Council (SC) is both decision-making and advisory in regards to all school-wide and extra curricular activities and programs.
  • The purpose of the SC shall be to monitor and support the school improvement plan.
  • The SC shall maintain communications with the School Board, students and community.
  • The SC shall monitor and approve expenditures of the Tax Credit Budget.

Riverview Site Council By-Laws
RVS Site Council By-Laws

  • Cathie Sylvester 

Committee Members:
  • Joanne Hiller
  • Michelle Piacenza
  • Tanya Colman
  • Kimberlee Smith Chiago
  • Andrea Cervantes

Meeting dates (all meeting to be at 7:15 AM unless otherwise noted):
  • Thursday, September 24th
  • Thursday, March 25th 
  • Thursday, May 13th 

Meeting Agendas (click on selected agenda to view):

Site Council Meeting Minutes (click selected minutes to view):