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e-learning Chromebook Checkout

Parents who need to check out a Chromebook device for their child's e-learning may do so at the DHS front office area on Thursday March 26 or Friday March 27 from 8:00am-2:00pm. Parents will need to sign a Technology Agreement form. (click on English User Agreement English [PDF]  or Spanish User Agreement Spanish [PDF]).

If parents are unable to come with their child to pick up the device, they may send their child with the completed form. We will also need the student's ID to check out the device. 

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Dysart recognizes All District Boys and Girls Soccer
Dysart recognizes All District Boys and Girls SoccerThe Dysart Unified School District held their annual All District Boys and Girls Soccer Team Award presentation to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary student athletes who displayed excellence in the 2019-2020 season. 

First Team, Second Team, and All Academic Team athletes were selected from Valley Vista, Shadow Ridge, Dysart, and Willow Canyon High Schools.

First Team 

Angel Balderrama Valenzuela, VVHS; Koa Patterson, WCHS; Jose Sanchez, DHS; Gabriel Engwall, SRHS; Jose Arellano Franco Jr., VVHS; John Grant, WCHS; Ivan Medrano Contreras, DHS; Alexander Flores, SRHS; Michael Fejarang Verdugo, VVHS; Sebastian Nassif, WCHS; Jesus Chavarria Jr., DHS; Dillon Morrow, SRHS; Mario Saenz Rodriguez, DHS.

J’adore Easley, VVHS; Paige Garcia, WCHS; Erika Arellano, DHS; Bayley Forbis, SRHS; Sara Lowry, VVHS; Megan Tracey, WCHS; Brooke Williams, DHS; Kayleen Laramee, SRHS, Gabriella Samano, VVHS; Haley Sherwood, WCHS; Alhayla Nunez-Lozano, DHS; Sophie Konieczny, SRHS; Logan White, SRHS.

Second Team

Luis Lopez, VVHS; Bryson Wilke, WCHS; Delano Blackman, DHS; Kyle Frazier, SRHS; Piero Moral, VVHS; Augusto Jovito Palo, WCHS; Agustin Orozco, DHS; Jorge Gonzalez, SRHS; Alex Padilla, VVHS; Vincent Alanis, WCHS; Mauri Ortiz, DHS; Dysart recognizes All District Boys and Girls SoccerJoshua Cano, SRHS; Krystofer DePascale, VVHS.

Hope Schlinger, VVHS; Amber Krey, WCHS; Kiara Sanchez, DHS; Cara Braswell, SRHS; Lyllian Hobbs, VVHS; Madison Garcia, WCHS; Yuritzy Sarmiento Saavedra, DHS; Cassie Sheerin, SRHS; Morgan Sweeney, SRHS; Abby O’Connor, SRHS; Rachal Nielsen, VVHS; Katelyn Nylen, WCHS; Estrella Chavez Alvarez, DHS; Piper Stone, SRHS; Emily Heinzerling, DHS.

All-Academic Team 

Alexander Flores, SRHS; Sean Enouen, SRHS; Jose Meza Jr., DHS; Delano Blackman Jr., DHS; Damian Madrid Amador, VVHS; Michael Fejarang Verdugo, VVHS; Giovanni Miranda, WCHS.

Cassie Sheerin, SRHS; Cara Braswell, SRHS; Gabrielle Gomez, DHS; Rebeca Vega, DHS; Lyllian Hobbs, VVHS; Madisyn Yazzie, VVHS; Lexi Williams, WCHS; Alyssa Reyes, WCHS 

Photo Gallery

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DECA Region 8 conference
DECA students
DECA students received 9 medals representing our school and themselves at this year’s conference held at ASU West Campus College. 
  • Princesa Garcia & Anthony Rodriguez   1st Place Medal in Financial Services Team Decision Making
  • Azucena Nunez & Yuritzy Sarmiento    1st Place Medal in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision
  • Gabby Gomez & Shaysta Nazar-Ali       1st Place Medal in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision

The following students received Medals in the 100 Question Event Test
  • Caleb Jones
  • Jacob Showers
  • Trent TeRonde

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Mr. Brown named 12 News A+ Teacher of the Week
Mr. Chris Brown recognized by 12 News as the A+ Teacher of the WeekChris Brown, Dysart High School American Sign Language (ASL) Teacher, was recognized by 12 News as the A+ Teacher of the Week. Trisha Hendricks from 12 News surprised Brown in his classroom this week along with Dysart High School alumnus, Emily DuFresne, who nominated Brown for the lasting impact he made on her life.

“Your show people how to become one with the deaf community,” said Emily. “I have used the skills you taught me at my job, and it is very special to me and to everybody that you teach, we thank you.”

Mr. Brown has been practicing sign language for 30 years and is currently in his sixth year of teaching ASL. “I love it, it is my passion,” said Brown. “What I hope to have happen when students encounter someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, that they are not afraid and that they can communicate.”

The 12 News A+ Teacher of the Week honors educators outstanding educators whose caring and compassion exceeds far beyond the classroom.  

Photo Gallery
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Fall 2019 Tutoring Schedule
Tuesday 2:30-4:30pm
Mr. Llamas (Upper levels) 3204
Ms. Wirth (Geometry) 3221
Ms. Rogers (9-10) 5112
Ms. Boyd (10) 5108
Mr. Bachanos - Chem/Physics 3214
Ms. Hall - Integrated Science 3111
Student Commons Mr. Newman

Wednesday 2:30-4:30pm
Ms. Becko (Alg 3/4) 3203
Ms. Wirth (Geometry) 3221
Ms. Reyes (Alg 1/2) 3220
Ms. Garrett (10 and ELD) 5110 
Ms. Goodard (Eng Strat) 3102
Ms. Romero-Humes - Int Sci 3110
Ms. Tapia - Chemistry* 3211*Hours are 2:30-3:30
Student Commons Mr. Brown

Thursday 2:30-4:30pm 
Mr. Llamas (Upper levels) 3204 
Mr. Lopes (9, 9H&11) 5106 
Mr. Simpson - Bio/Anatomy 3116 
Mr. Yance - Anatomy/Zoo 3216 
Student Commons Ms. Young

Tutoring Rules

You may ride the afternoon bus if you spend a major portion of your time in a tutoring area. This is not time spent in the Student Commons. You need a pass to ride the bus which will be provided by your tutoring teacher. 
Teachers (See Teacher) Teachers are available for specific tutoring by appointment. Please make sure you talk to your teacher to schedule time.

Behavior The expectation is that everyone is where they need to be and working on the required work in tutoring. Students that are not will be asked to leave campus and may receive discipline if necessary. 

Student Commons After school use is limited to those that want to work and need a space to study. Reservations can be made for study groups/individuals with Ms. DeLuna in the Student Commons. No more than 60 students will be permitted into the Commons.
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Back to School Events
9th Grade Orientation
9th Grade Orientation will be Monday, July 29th from 8:00-10:30 am. 9th grade students will be able to get their tentative schedules, tour campus and begin to settle into their 9th grade year.  9th Grade Orientation is a student only event. Parents are welcome to join us at Open House on August 5th. 

Open House
Open House will be Monday, August 5th from 5:30-7:00 pm.  Parents and students can pick up schedules, visit classrooms and meet teachers. Parents can also pay fees, purchase a yearbook or buy a parking permit. 
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DHS students earn HOSA gold 
 DHS students earn HOSA gold Dysart High School recently attended the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) International Leadership Conference on June 19-22, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. The HOSA International Leadership Conference is an annual conference for future medical professionals, that consists of several competitive events, sessions, and workshops.
Dysart High School HOSA received the Outstanding Chapter Award, as well as National Service Project Recognition at the conference. Three students received the Barbara James Service Award for their commitment to community service in health. Mackenzie Mitchell received Gold, and Katelyn Marr and Luis Figueroa received Bronze. In addition, Lane Vazquez-Luna received mastery level recognition in Healthcare Issues Exam, and Mario Hernandez was an event finalist in Physical Therapy. 
HOSA is a student-led Career and Technical Student Organization( CTSO) whose mission is to promote career opportunities in the healthcare industry. HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, and collegiate students interested in a career in health care. HOSA helps build the confidence of students by providing opportunities and responsibilities that lead to realistic choices of careers and successful employment in the healthcare field.

CTSO'S  are organizations specifically for students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs (CTE). These organizations engage students through focus on CTE application activities such as developing and practicing leadership roles and applying specific occupational and academic content knowledge as an integral part of the instructional program.
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Important Safety Reminders from the Superintendent
Dysart SafeDysart Parents and Guardians,

As we near the end of the school year, I am writing to ask you to partner with us to keep our Dysart students and campuses safe and secure. Historically, as students eagerly anticipate the approach of summer, the number of school threats increases. Dysart is hoping to stem this issue with your help.

As a fellow community member, I ask you to please:

1. Have a discussion with your child(ren) about the importance of immediately sharing information that could be considered threatening to our community with a responsible adult. This could be a parent, teacher or school staff member.
2. Make it clear to your child(ren) that online threats and rumors should not be forwarded or shared, because doing so impedes police investigations.
3. Discuss with your child(ren) the seriousness of making threats toward schools, and remind them that there are a number of charges that can be filed against students – including felony offenses.

If you become aware of an immediate threat, please call 911.  Otherwise, call law enforcement non-emergency lines to report potential threats towards our schools or the community in Surprise (623-222-4000), El Mirage (623-933-1341) or Maricopa County (602-876-1602).

Another option for reporting school safety issues or concerns is through our Safe Schools Hotline (623-876-7009) or online via Dysart Safe Report at Additional information, resources, and school safety tips can be found on our website at

Dysart is proud of our relationships with local law enforcement agencies, and works collaboratively with them to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  We all have a responsibility to be vigilant and should strive to prioritize the well-being of our community. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure our campuses are always a safe place for our students.


Quinn R. Kellis, Ed.D.
Dysart Unified School District
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State Testing Schedule
AzMERIT and AIMS testing start the Week of April 1st

DHS is getting ready to start spring testing. We are proud of the work the students have done this year and can't wait for them to demonstrate all they have learned. 

AzMERIT Testing Dates: 

April 3rd: AzMERIT Writing (all students in any 9th, 10th, or 11th grade English Course)

April 10th: AzMERIT Reading (all students in any 9th, 10th, or 11th grade English Course)

April 17th: AzMERIT Math (all students in any Algebra 1-2, Geometry, or Algebra 3-4 or their equivalents)  

Testing Schedule
7:15-10:30         Testing Session
10:30-11:00      Lunch
11:00-11:28 (28 min) 1st Period
11:33-12:01 (28 min) 2nd Period
12:06-12:36 (30min) 3rd Period 
12:41-1:09 (28 min) 4th/5th Period
1:14-1:42 (28 min) 6th Period
1:47-2:15 (28 min) 7th Period

April 3rd, 10th and 17th will be a late start day for seniors who are not testing. Any senior who is taking a course that is testing must report for testing. 

AIMS Science 
April 4th: All 9th graders in biology and any 10th graders who have not taken AIMS Science 
There will not be a modified schedule this day. Students will test from 7:15-10:30 then attend their classes. 

As an incentive for students to do well this year, the district has added a grade incentive for students who earn proficient (meets) and highly proficient (exceeds) on the exams. Students who earn a proficient will earn a 1 letter grade increase on their transcript for both semesters. Students who earn a highly proficient will earn an A on their transcript for both semesters.

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HOSA Visits Midwestern University Health Science Career Day

Each year, Midwestern University in Glendale, offers two options for students in healthcare education programs to visit their campus and get hands-on experience of a variety of health professions programs offered by MWU.  This year, Dysart’s HOSA Chapter and Sports Medicine students were lucky enough to participate in their Annual Health Science Career Day, and got some of the best pictures of what those fields include. Our students attended an opening/welcome session given by current medical students.  They then got to travel to four workshops and learn and participate in hands-on skills within that career field. Starting in the physical therapy teaching clinic, our students learned more about testing reflexes, using orthotics and prosthetics, and walking with assistive devices, such as walkers and canes.  They then got to go to a Surgical Skills workshop that included putting on and removing personal protective equipment used in operating rooms, and learning how to do basic internal suturing techniques!

The second half of the day included time spent in their human cadaver lab.  Yes, that meant our DHS students were able to hold a human heart! They had an hour to touch and evaluate different organs from different species, comparing them, and looking for evidence of disease.  Our final session was optometry, and students got to evaluate each other to look for signs of color blindness, decreased visual acuity, and other conditions of the eye itself.

Overall, the day was extremely engaging, very educational, and mostly, so much fun!!!  Our students are already looking forward to returning next year. Thank you Midwestern University!

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