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Shadow Ridge High School Vision & Mission

Shadow Ridge High School Vision

To be a HOME to a community of learners where we inspire student excellence.

Shadow Ridge High School Mission

With High Expectations for students, parents, staff and the community, Shadow Ridge is committed to providing extended Opportunities for our students while creating Meaningful Relationships between all members of the school community.  Teachers, parents, and students will experience Empowerment via the use of technology and project based learning.  Through collaboration and networking, students will have the opportunity to explore real world issues that will make learning relevant in our global society.

Shadow Ridge Core Values
  • We believe that all students can learn
  • We value all members of our school community,  students, parents, teachers, staff, and admin
  • We believe in a guaranteed and viable curriculum (learned not covered)
  • We rigorously challenge each student and we expect all students to do their individual best
  • We challenge ourselves to consistently deliver the highest, quality instruction everyday

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