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Internet plus computer equals opportunity

Access the Internet. Access Opportunity.

Looking for affordable ways to get online at home?

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For families with children receiving free school lunches.

Connect every last American to the power of the Internet

Big goals demand big solutions--so, for the first time, we are making high-speed Internet and devices affordable to every type of American. Whether you're a senior or a "twenty-something," a student or a parent, a veteran or perhaps all of the above - you could be eligible for our low-cost technology.

Connect2Compete (C2C) is a national non-profit organization bringing together leaders from communities, the private sector, and leading foundations.

Through its programs and the power of technology, C2C will improve the lives of Americans--regardless of their age, race, or education level. C2C will help Americans access technology through Digital Literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet, and low-cost computers.

For more information, please view the C2C flyer or visit their website at
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