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Optional School Supply Lists

Arizona law requires that public schools provide the supplies required for academic success.  All materials required for a student's education will be provided by the Dysart Unified School District. This supply list represents general, optional items which you may supply at your discretion.  Please check with your K-8 school and child's teacher for an optional supply list before purchasing any supplies. If you have questions regarding the optional supply list, please contact your K-8 school. 

Our teachers have provided Optional Supply Lists for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Each grade level or area has a separate document below.  Please note that some grade levels created one unified supply list for all teachers, while other grade levels have unique supply lists for each teacher.  When you open the document, you may need to navigate to the second or third page to find your child's teacher's list.  

Preschool - 3 year-old and 4 year-old classes


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Please also note that our Music teacher, Mrs. Featherstone, always welcomes AA and D batteries (for electronic instruments), kleenex, and sanitizing wipes. 

And, of course, Mountain View welcomes donations to our Makerspace throughout the school year: 

Non-Tech Items:
● Legos
● Knex
● Marbles
● Dominoes
● Hot Wheels
● Dish tubs
● bins -various sizes/shapes
● Electric toothbrushes
● Hobby motors
● Small motors
● Gears
● Batteries (AA, AAA, 9 volt)
● 9 oz. Plastic cups
● Solo cups
● Dixie cups
● Pool noodles
● Plates (any size)
● Plastic Silverware

Wood Work:
● Woodworking tools (wood, nuts/bolts, hammer, etc.)
● Nails
● Wood Scraps
● Dowels -various sizes

Tapestry Materials:
● Thread, string
● Ribbons
● Buttons
● Felt
● Fabric
● Needles, pins, pincushions and other sewing supplies
● Yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles
● Sewing books, crochet/knitting books,
● patterns
● iron, ironing board
● Batting (for inside of pillows)

● Empty Gatorade bottles (big and small)
● Paper towel rolls
● Toilet paper rolls
● Computer books
● Old magazines
● CDs
● Yogurt cups, cottage cheese tubs and/or margarine tubs
● Plastic Strawberry baskets
● Film canisters
● Old electronics

STEAM Craft supplies:
● Hot glue guns
● Hot glue sticks
● Pipe cleaners
● Toothpicks
● Straws
● Sand paper
● Aluminum foil
● Plastic wrap
● Parchment paper
● Duct tape
● Masking tape
● Electrical tape
● Craft sticks (small/large)
● Tongue depressors
● Rubber bands
● Packs of balloons big/small
● Rope or twine
● Scrapbooking paper
● Rubber bands
● Clay
● Nail files (from the Dollar Tree)