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Dysart Strategic Plan

The Dysart Unified School District utilizes the strategic plan revision process every three years to ensure continuity in planning that reflects the learning needs of students and provides a clear road map to achieve outcomes.  The strategic plan represents a contract with stakeholders to provide vital educational services and obtain the results the Dysart community identifies as critical to the growth of students.

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, community stakeholders were involved in the district’s revision process through surveys, focus groups, action teams, the 3R Summit, and the Profile of a Graduate Task Force in formulating the adopted strategic plan. 

In March of 2017, the Dysart Unified School District approved the 2017-2020 strategic plan featured below. 


Goal A:  Academics

Each Dysart student, through personalized learning, will develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions as defined by the Dysart’s Profile of a Graduate that ensures 21st Century success.

Measures of Success:  All Dysart schools will demonstrate academic improvement as measured by multiple measures:

2017-18 High School:

Profile of a Graduate Graphic

  • Number enrolled and % at or above average grade in: 

Core Honors classes

Algebra 3⁄4
Dual enrollment classes
Advanced Placement
CTE completion
Other standardized assessments: Cambridge, SAT, IB, etc.

  • AzMERIT Scores
  • GPA
  • Attendance
  • Suspensions and Expulsion Rates
  • Graduation rates

2017-18 K-8:

  • AzMERIT Scores
  • Attendance
  • Suspensions and Expulsion Rates
  • Promotion rates
  • Cambridge

To be added 2018-19:

  • High School: ASVAB, CTE Credentials, FAFSA
  • K-8: Coding, Advanced math, GPA
Other CCR and K-8 accountability measures as identified by the state

  1. Design and implement curriculum, instruction, and assessments that supports personalized learning.
  2. Design, select and implement multiple pathways for students and staff for utilizing instructional resources and training that support personalized learning.

Goal B:  Culture and Leadership

We Are Dysart – a culture of shared leadership advancing student success with open communication, innovation, ownership, and empowerment.

Measures of Success:  

The results of surveys and focus groups will indicate a level of satisfaction in the areas of communication, innovation, empowerment and ownership.

  1. Design and implement professional development pathways for advancement and leadership.
  2. Create shared values resulting in an environment of open communication, innovation, and ownership.

Goal C:  Safety

Through consistent processes, ensure digital safety of students and staff as Dysart effectively utilizes technology to transform the learning and business environment.

Measures of Success:  

Student and staff assessments will indicate a satisfactory level of awareness related to digital safety.

  1. Increase awareness and application of responsible digital citizenship practices by all stakeholders.
  2. Implement systems to ensure network safety for all stakeholders.

Goal D:  Resources

Identify and maximize available resources to support the Strategic Plan.

Measures of Success:  

  • Financial and resource reviews will indicate compliance.
  • There will be an increase in the number of partnerships and/or contribution of resources.
  • A process for gathering stakeholder feedback related to resources will be developed.

  1. Using input from district stakeholders identify, prioritize, allocate and monitor budget resources to support the strategic plan.
  2. Utilize our human resources (students/parents/staff) to showcase the District’s accomplishments to our entire community.
  3. Actively pursue new/additional resources and partnerships.

Adopted Strategic Plans

2017-2020 Strategic Plan

2014-2017 Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Revision Cycle

Start Revision : Summer 2016
Adopt New Plan : March 2017

Start Revision : Summer 2019
Adopt New Plan : December 2019