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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work at my own pace?
Students must maintain a minimum pace, dictated by the due dates posted in the course. Students may work at any pace as long as they maintain the minimum pace.
How often do I have to log in?
We recommend  7 hours per week per course for a successful on time completion.
Do I have to pay for the class?
iSchool classes are currently offered free of charge during the regular school year.  Summer session classes are $150 per semester class.
Where do I get the textbook?
 iSchool classes use online textbooks. Some classes use no textbook at all. If you need a hard copy of the textbook, see your school bookstore to check one out.
How do final exams work?
To ensure the academic integrity of the iSchool program, students must attend in-person final exams and show a photo ID. Final exams are completed in person at the one of the High School Student Commons. Students will come in to take the final once the instructor has cleared them.    Your class grade is a combination of your class work grade and your PASSING final exam score. Students need a 60% to take the final and  will not earn credit unless they earn 60% or better on the final exam.
How do I access my courses in iSchool?

The simplest link to note is for your Credit Recovery Courses and for all others. This will take you directly to the iSchool log in page where you will use your regular DUSD username and password to login and access your course.

How do I update my timelog?
Time Logs must be maintained to ensure students are active participants in the class for attendance and state auditing purposes. To update your timeline visit the Course Time Log link on your course landing page and adjust for the amount of time spent working both on and off line each day. Be sure to have your parent verify your activity.

How do my parents confirm my timelog?
The students will click their timelog and add the time spent working on each course. This time can include any time dedicated to the course whether it is online or not.
When students put their time in the parents/guardians will receive an email to be able to confirm the time. You must have an active Parent Portal account for this work properly.
Visit the Parent Portal site to set up an account if necessary.
The parent clicks on the email and it takes them to a login screen where they will use their Parent Portal credentials to access the time log.
They will see a screen with some text about confirming by Sundays at 11:59. They will click on the student[s] and then the week and then be able to confirm.

How should I contact my teacher?
Using your Dysart Student email address send an email to your instructor. To ensure you have the correct email address, please check your course home page.

How do I change my password?
At the webpage, Click on Students at the top of the page, then find Password Change link posted under Student Email.