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The Dysart Mythbusters page is dedicated to providing factual information in response to myths regarding district issues.  The page will be updated as needed throughout the school year to provide the Dysart community with factual information about Dysarts endeavors.  For questions related to the Dysart Mythbusters, please contact the Public Relations Department at

Myth - February 7, 2013 - There are no guidelines for when and how parent alerts are sent out to the community.
Myth Busted - Factual Information - Parent alerts are sent out to the District community to notify parents of situations that occur during the school day such as school closures, lock downs and emergencies during the school day.  Parent alerts are not sent out regarding situations that occur after school and off campus unless directed by local police departments. 

Myth - August 16, 2013 - Dysart paid for the construction of the solar projects at sites throughout the District.

Myth Busted - Factual information - The solar projects are paid for by Kennedy Partners, not the Dysart School District. The Dysart School District has partnered with Kennedy Partners for the construction, operation and maintenance of solar panes on 22 Dysart school and building sites. The construction and operation of the solar panel projects is paid for by Kennedy, not the District. Dysart will, however, benefit from lower utility payments and shade structures for playgrounds and parking lots. For more information about the solar projects, please view the Solar Panel Video.

Myth - February 5, 2015 - The Dysart District can charge all kindergarten parents a monthly fee and continue full day kindergarten.

Myth Busted - Factual Information - As a public school, by law, a district cannot force a child to attend a program they have to pay a fee to attend.  The district can offer fee based programs as an option, but a public school cannot make a person attend if they do not want to pay for that program.

Myth - March 13, 2015 - The Dysart School District is cancelling 8th grade promotion ceremonies as a budget cutting measure.

Myth Busted - Factual Information - During last years legislative session, House Bill #2501 was introduced and the bill was signed into law. House Bill #2502 amended A.R.S. 15-701 and removed the option for school Districts to request grade 8 promotion certificates from the County School Superintendent. The Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools has notified all school districts that his office will no longer be issuing promotion certificates as per this law.
Each K-8 school in the Dysart Unified School District will work with their community on an appropriate way to recognize students as we close out the year and as grade 8 students prepare to enter high school. Promotion certificates are not being issued as per the change in law, but schools may hold awards assemblies or similar celebrations.

Myth - May 14, 2015 - The Dysart Unified School District is receiving an increase in its budget for the 15-16 school year.

Myth Busted:  The Arizona Republic often runs a series of articles that checks the "facts" when politicians or other public figures make statements regarding important topics.  In this myth buster Dysart would like to fact check the statements being made by some politicians stating that the Dysart School District is receiving an increase in its budget for next year.  

Additional dollars were added to the education funding for next year by the state in one area; however deep cuts in state funding were made in other areas plus there was a decrease in local funding due to the failure of the Override.  Although Dysart continues to grow in student population, the district budget continues to be decreased.  The fact is in 2014-15 the M&O Dysart budget was $155.8 million and for 2015-16 the M&O Budget is projected to decreased to approximately $141 million.  No matter what facts you use that is not an increase-it is a decrease to the district's budget.

Myth - December 10, 2015 - There are rumors regarding the MCSO investigation of the unconfirmed abduction in the Mountain View attendance area yesterday.

Myth Busted: Every child enrolled in Mountain View School absent or present was accounted for and no child from that school was missing.  The school reported the incident and cooperated with the authorities during the investigation.