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The Dysart Unified School District Mission for the Mathematics Program’s mission is to provide each and every K-12 student a high quality K-12 mathematics experiences and tools for Career and College Readiness to be able to:
  • Think clearly about complex problems
  • Analyze a problem to develop workable solutions
  • Be creative and innovative in solving problems
  • Apply knowledge and skills in new settings

Math Scope and Sequences: Which are aligned to the The 2016 Arizona Mathematics Standards are:
  • Focused in coherent progressions across grades K-12
  • Aligned with college and workforce expectations.
  • Inclusive of rigorous content and applications of knowledge through higher-order thinking.
  • Research and evidence based.

students looking at math problems on an ipad Understanding in Mathematics:  When a student understands a mathematical concept, they move fluidly between the concrete and abstract. There is evidence they are able to make sense of and justify mathematical connections. Evidence of understanding includes connections among:
  • Verbal or written reasoning
  • Pictorial representations
  • Real-world application
  • Procedures/Computation

Instructional Goals:  
  • Equity and excellence;
  • The development of mathematical content through mathematical processes;
  • Meaningful activity and discourse;
  • Developmentally appropriate tasks; and
  • The application of technology.

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