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Social Studies

“Helping our students to become strong disciplined thinkers; thinkers who can navigate the complexities and challenges of college, career and civic life, is our main goal as social studies educators”.

-Mike Yell, Middle School Social Studies Educator

  Hudson Middle School, Hudson, Wisconsin

  President of National Council for Social Studies 2008-09


students looking at flag and reenacting the history of the flagMission

The Dysart Unified School District Social Studies mission provides all students with a high quality K-12 Social Studies education that engages students in Social Studies content for the purpose of developing student historical and critical thinking through inquiry, oral and written communication, collaboration, real-world application, and innovative use of blended learning to prepare students to be college and career ready.
  • Aligning lessons to the State Social Science Standards.
  • Teaching skills for historical inquiry, critical thinking and literacy.
  • Incorporating 21st Century Learning Initiatives and best practices.
  • Engaging in a collaborative culture of professional learning communities with fellow colleagues.
  • Implementation of instructional strategies that are inquiry-based, student-centered, challenging, and developmentally appropriate.
  • Preparing students to be informed and responsible members of society.

  • Engage students in meaningful learning and deep critical thinking so that our classrooms and schools continually reflect an atmosphere of rigor and relevance.
  • Build, develop, and share highly effective instructional and assessment practices.
  • Align our schools’ goals with the aspirations of our communities and the realities of our world to benefit our students.
  • Integrate professional research and reflective practices that encourage professional growth.
  • Advocate, lead and support professional development to empower and equip teachers to reach their goals.

Social Studies Curriculum and Resource Links

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