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Language Arts

Students work hard to learn and earn recognition in Language Arts classes.Mission
The Dysart Unified School District English Department is a community of life-long learners whose essential goal is to assist students in connecting literature and writing to the human experience. It is imperative that students acquire the skills to clearly articulate their thoughts both orally and in writing. Students at every grade level should expect to read fiction and nonfiction selections that will challenge as well as engage them, to listen and fully participate in class discussions and activities that will promote deeper understanding of the written word, and to complete assignments designed to improve writing skills, and written expression.

DUSD English Teachers have a commitment to
  • teaching skills for critical reading, writing, speaking, and thinking.
  • preparing students to be informed and responsible members of society.
  • nurturing the enjoyment of learning through reading and writing as students pursue personal and educational goals.
  • encouraging professional development among colleagues.
  • aligning lessons to standards.
  • teaching that is student-centered, challenging, and developmentally appropriate.

  • engage students in meaningful learning so that our classrooms and schools continually reflect an atmosphere of achievement.
  • communicate with parents, students, feeder schools (including charter schools), local businesses, administration, and professional colleagues so the role they play in student progress is well-defined.
  • make student work visible to other students, parents, and community.
  • continue to build, develop, and share highly effective instructional and assessment practices.
  • continue to align our schools’ goals with the aspirations of our communities and the realities of our world to benefit our students.
  • integrate research and reflective practices that encourage professional growth.

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State Standards
Professional Organizations
National Council of Teachers of English
International Literacy Association