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Dysart Essentials

Dysart Essentials LogoMission: The mission of Dysart Essentials is to ensure all Dysart employees have the essential training needed to serve the community in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

Objective: Each quarter, employees will participate in an online course containing information necessary for compliance with laws and regulations as they relate to the employee classification.  Courses will contain content and short quizzes that ensure employees master the most important concepts in each content area.

Schedule: Each employee should plan to complete the online course prior to the end date listed below for each quarter.  This training should be completed during the course of a regularly scheduled work day and should not be completed while on approved leave.  At the conclusion of each course window, the result of the pass/fail course will be shared with each supervisor.  The planned course schedule and dates for 2018-2019 are listed below, although it is subject to change.  

Access: To access the course, please click "Access Course" for your employee group below and log in using your Dysart network username and password. You can also access the course in iLearn.   All courses are hosted in our Dysart Learning Management System, Schoology. For more information on how to learn using Schoology you can access the Schoology support page

Note about incomplete notices: For Quarter 3 if you have not clicked the link to update contact information your course will not register as completed.  Please enter the class, verify that you have completed all quizzes with a score of 80% or higher and that you have clicked the link to verify your contact information. You will know a course is complete when all boxes on the right side of your screen are checked. If these are all completed and you are still receiving incomplete notices contact the professional development department. 

2018-2019 Course Dates
Course Content
Quarter 1: July 30 - August 31
Access Course (Certified Staff)
Access Course (Support Staff)
  1. Blood Borne Pathogens 
  2. McKinney-Vento Act
  3. Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation
  4. Student Data Privacy Practices
  5. Worker's Compensation and Risk
  6. Classified Evaluation (Support only)
Quarter 2: October 24 - December 14
Access Course (All Staff)
  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. Department of Child Safety: Mandatory Reporting
  3. Child Find
Quarter 3: January 4 - March 8
  1. Employee Policies and Procedures
  2. Surveys 
  3. Cyber Security Training 
  4. Verify or Update Contact Information 
Quarter 4: April 8 - May 10
  1. Social Networking
  2. Benefits Open Enrollment Information
  3. Website Accessibility Standards

Additional Courses Available: The following courses may be required depending on your position and role within Dysart.  If directed to do so, please first click the registration link to register for the course in iLearn, then click the "Open Course" link to access the course and follow the instructions within the course.  Please contact the department sponsoring each course or the professional development department with questions.

Crossing Guards 2018-2019 (coming soon):  Register (iLearn)  Open Course (Schoology)

White Fleet Bus Drivers 2018-2019 (coming soon):  Register (iLearn)  Open Course (Moodle)

High School Coaches 2018-2019 (coming soon):  Register (iLearn)  Open Course (Moodle)