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ACT Assessments

ACT college readiness logoOverview
The ACT college readiness assessment is a curriculum- and standards-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students' academic readiness for college.  The ACT is the capstone of our College and Career Readiness System. The test uses the same score scale as ACT Explore and ACT Plan, making the system an effective tool to monitor academic progress and student growth.

ACT Explore is designed to help 8th graders explore a broad range of options for their future.   EXPLORE contains four curriculum-based assessments:  English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.  The assessment is based on the major areas of high school and postsecondary instructional programs and measures the skills and knowledge needed for college success.  Additionally, EXPLORE includes a career exploration component that stimulates students' thinking about future plans and relates personal characteristics to career options.

ACT Plan helps 10 th graders build a solid foundation for future academic and career success and provides information needed to address school districts' high-priority issues.  It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic development, explore career/training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and beyond.  PLAN includes four multiple-choice tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science.  Whether students are college-bound or plan to enter the workforce directly after high school, ACT Plan can help all students.