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Roving Chef Program

Roving Chef  is an exciting hands-on cooking class that will take place 45 minutes before lunch time.  Selected Students will get to tour the “back of the house” in the cafeteria, learn how to properly sanitize and wash their hands, store food and take temperatures.  Educating and Involving the students on how their meals are prepared and how healthy food can also taste great in a fun environment helps generate excitement for the students about food and nutrition.  
Under the guidance of our School District Executive Chef, Students will help in the preparations of a selected dish.  The area that they will be cooking in will be set away from the busy kitchen and no knife use or open flames will be permitted. Your student will then present their culinary creations to the front office staff and enjoy a special lunch with their fellow chefs! Your Student will receive a certificate of completion and the recipe card for the meal they prepared!  Each month the selected schools and students will be highlight here. So look for your Culinary Superstars!


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Den's Club Roving Chef:

Roving Chef Challenge:


Students getting excited about creating pizza in the kitchen  Students proudly holding their certificate of completion for the Roving Chef Program.