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Pick Up and Drop Off

Morning Drop Off

The first few days of any school year can be chaotic, and mornings of any school day can be exceedingly busy. Parents may drive their children to school, children may walk to school, and buses will be arriving to bring children to school. School staff often oversee the arrival of students to ensure that everyone is following the rules to make the mornings smooth and orderly.


  • Buses usually arrive at the same time.
  • Avoid driving in the bus lane or bus zone.There is a designated bus loops at most schools where buses line up and drop off children, Per AZ Minimum Standards: during the loading or unloading of passengers at the designated school bus loading area at the school, the school shall restrict the loading area to school buses, passengers and school employees assisting in the loading or unloading of passengers.
  • Because of this separation from the car lines, it’s easy for students to leave buses and go directly to where they need to be.

  • Our schools have rules to keep students safe.
  • Each school has a designated car line set aside specifically for parents to drop their children off.
  • Parents should not park their vehicle and leave their vehicle unattended in the car line.
  • If parents choose to walk their children to the gate, they must park in a designated parking space.

Afternoon Dismissal

At the end of the school day, the school’s focus is getting children onto buses, into cars, walking/ride safely off campus or to their parents/ guardians.

  • Bus riders will wait in one area, while parent pick up students will wait in another area.
  • Teachers and staff may assist children in getting to the right vehicles.
  • Some schools have a sign system so that parents know which line of cars to follow to get to the location of where their child is waiting.
  • Once students are in the car, make sure their seatbelts are fastened immediately. Injuries can occur even from slow-moving crashes and fender benders, particularly for young children.
  • Try to pick students up five or ten minutes later to avoid the worst traffic congestion.
  • Teach students to be responsible pedestrians and discourage horseplay and other dangerous behaviors near the pick up area.

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