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Dysart Arts Academy

Students participate in performance arts at the Dysart Arts Academy. The Dysart Arts Academy serves students at West Point Elementary School with the mission to provide an arts-enriched learning environment merging creative and academic content to enhance student achievement. Academy students are required to take language arts, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies with the opportunity to participate in arts elective courses each year. Elective course offerings include band, orchestra, chorus, visual arts: 2-D, 3-D and graphic arts, theater, dance, and ITV/video production.

The Arts Academy goal is to teach the core curriculum in an arts-enriched learning environment. The belief is that the arts are conducive to powerful learning, and that increasing the presence of the arts in all subjects will increase motivation, relevance and achievement for students. By creating an arts focus for Dysart, the Academy will establish mutually supportive partnerships with arts organizations and artists across the region including the West Valley Arts Council, Phoenix Symphony, West Valley Symphony, Phoenix Opera, Communiversity, Maricopa Community Colleges, and ASU.  Faculty and students also collaborate with high school arts programs in the district and share facilities; including the Performing Arts Center at Valley Vista High School.

Specific Academy objectives are to support and challenge each student by:
  • Promoting holistic thinkers who demonstrate interdisciplinary understanding when they integrate knowledge and different modes of thinking from two or more disciplines, as they create products and solve problems
  • Enhancing the strength of the community with a vibrant after-school arts extension and guest artists
  • Embedding advancements in technology into its program so that students have all the tools necessary to succeed artistically and academically
  • Providing a highly effective mentoring program that utilizes the diverse talents and networks of faculty, parents, and friends from across the community
  • Providing students with the experiences needed to successfully enter and thrive at the high school level

For more information on the Dysart Arts Academy, please contact the principal at 623-876-7750.

Application Process: Middle Level academy applications will be accepted during open enrollment.  Please visit or click on the link below to view frequently asked questions about the open enrollment process. When open enrollment begins, please follow the login instructions using your parent portal account. Parents and guardians will then select "other choices," to open enroll in a new school or academy.

Dysart Arts Academy
Dysart Arts Academy The Dysart Arts Academy serves students in grades 6-8 at West Point Elementary School. The mission ...