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Design Signature Program

Student building with pipe cleanersAt Ashton Ranch Middle School, students will be provided with opportunities to design their futures. Learning and participating in the design process provides lasting benefits that students can utilize to navigate through every stage of their lives and design their futures. As our students move through school, they are preparing for success in high school and making decisions about which path is right for them. Several design possibilities match well with CTE courses and the skills honed translate to post secondary choices, as well. Design thinking, no matter what the concentrated focus, teaches students empathy, how to identify challenges and use their imagination to generate ideas, plan, problem solve, test and evaluate, cooperate, and communicate results. Students develop resiliency and the ability to problem solve, which are skills that will aid in their future endeavors and successes.

Connection to the 3As 

Design thinking, and design, can be incorporated into every academic area. Additionally, the elements of design provide opportunities for students to engage in higher level thinking as they problem solve and innovate.

Design concepts are present in all aspects of music, visual arts, and performance. The music score, costumes, art show logistics, layout, all require design.

Design can also be incorporated into athletics through creating plays in football, planning choreography for spirit line, or developing schedules and plans for fitness or conditioning.