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Mass Communication Signature Program

Student with video cameraAs a community, we are designing a mass communication signature program at Countryside in which every student will be exploring and implementing a variety of mass communications skills and methodology. During this process, we will be re-branding our school as Countryside Elementary School of Mass Communication.

Our program will combine technological and traditional curriculum within content subject areas with individualized, hands on project-based opportunities. Through writing and speaking assignments, our students will be presented with multiple pathways exposing them to a variety of future careers.

With our current technologies and planned technologies, our goal is to provide our students with a professional broadcasting studio in order to practice real-life application of learning. We have asked our voters to approve a bond, which when passed, would make this goal a reality in the near future.

Our community is excited about the future of our program, as we cannot find a similar program for elementary students in any Arizona schools, let alone the nation. We are eager for the challenge of designing a world class experience from the ground up. We want to become the premier model school for a mass communication focus, as it is one of the fastest growing and exciting global industries. 

Connection to the 3As 

All media lessons will be incorporated into Speaking, Listening, Collaborating, Reading and Writing Standards/Skills.

Mass Communications will directly align to the arts via graphic design, digital communications, advertisement design, and film.

Mass Communications will directly align to athletics due to mass communications being able to do sports style reporting via print and film.