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Coding and Robotics Signature Program

Student coding on computer​Kingswood ensures students have access to advanced technology in collaborative learning environments, and provides coding opportunities for all grade levels.

Our focus right now is Coding for All and as we move forward we’re adding more opportunities for robotics.  All Kingswood students preschool through eighth grade will have access to coding and robotics. Students will learn the skills necessary to code and extend their learning through integration projects.  They will have multiple opportunities to showcase their skills and in various methods.  

We want student voice and choice to drive where we’re going with coding and robotics.  Right now we know students are interested in competing in robotics competitions, creating their own apps and strengthening their skills in programming by widening the scope of coding programs we offer.  

As we look to the future, preparing our students for college or career pathways we know we need to broaden the scope of experiences for our students, beyond what a Chromebook or what technology we have available today can offer.