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Young Entrepreneurs Signature Program

Student working at deskMarley Park Elementary School is creating young entrepreneurs in preschool through eighth grade.  By partnering with local businesses, our students learn the tools and tactics to successfully create, market and see their products or services through our community marketplace.  Through teamwork, leadership and collaboration students will acquire real-world business skills for a successful future. Marley Park also offers a unique and challenging Cambridge curriculum program to interested middle school students that includes high school credit after successful completion of Algebra 1 Honors in 8th grade.  We still have space for you so enroll your Young Entrepreneur now at    

All Marley Park students are given the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through integrated curriculum experiences. Each grade level band selects an area of focus to create small business plans.  These plans include, creating a business plan for a specific product, researching the cost of the materials, creating a marketing plan, and analyzing the cost and demand for the product. The work of our students culminates in selling the product through the Marley Park Community Market.  Additionally, strong partnerships with community businesses will support the students with the success of their products.  

Connection to the 3As 

  • Through the continued focus of grade level standards, teachers target standards in which they can integrate young entrepreneurship through instruction. 
  • From this, teachers spark interest of students and being the process of asking questions such as, “what is a problem you would like to solve in your school, community, state, world, etc.” 
  • Students will be given the opportunity to explore through the design thinking process and create innovative solutions.  

  • Young Entrepreneurship leads our students through a variety of opportunities to connect their learning to the arts.  Students will begin marketing and advertising for their ideas through multimedia forms and technology. 

  • As students begin exploring “problems” that they want to solve, many will relate this to the athletics that they participate in the school and our community.