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Active Mind & Body Signature Program

Students running outsideAt Sonoran Heights we create active learners by focusing on student strengths, needs and interests. Students at Sonoran Heights participate in a personalized learning environment with opportunities for academic advancement as appropriate for each student. Student growth is maximized through the strong relationships they build within their classroom and school community. By encouraging students to explore their interests, we help students discover their passions and become more engaged in learning.

Students at Sonoran Heights are active in mind and body as they experience personalized learning environments focused on student strengths, needs and interests with an emphasis on healthy activities and relationships.


Academic Advancement - Move at your pace - Standards based instruction, assessment and grading.

Community Building - classroom buddies, business partnerships, student leadership, parent classes.

Student Interest - Special area electives, school day menu choices, before/after school activities, learning options-place & pace.

Active Mind & Body - daily fitness focus-during/before/after school, nutrition and healthy lifestyle planning, athletic emphasis, yoga and stress management.

Connection to the 3As 

  • Academic Advancement, Personalized Learning

  • Choir, Band, Art Club, Electives

  • 6th-8th Grade Sports
  • Active Body Activities After School