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Arts Signature Program

Sunset Hills is a creative community where we educate the whole child by infusing the arts into every part of our lives.  Frozen the musical pictureStudents will experience the arts in connection with academic content. In addition, students will explore the creative and empathetic aspects of art through the fine arts, communication arts, and the connection between art and athletics.

Connection to the 3As 

  • Arts will be integrated to the point where it enhances the academic experience to make learning more comprehensive and centered around the whole child. 
  • The arts will provide new pathways to academic knowledge.

  • Our school focus connects to the arts as it will be focused on visual arts, fine arts, performing arts, and creative arts, body movement such as dance and sports, and communication arts. 
  • The arts focus will allow for our students to focus on performance-based, authentic outcomes.
  • This is something that will not only be seen but felt as well.  

  • Our school focus uniquely connects to athletics by having a creative outlet for our athletes.
  •  Additionally, we want to be able to connect how athletics are an art in itself.
  • Rather than separating the arts and athletics, we want to showcase them as one as we nurture the whole child. 
  • We would like to see a dance program, connecting to the arts which has music, choreography and costume design as an integral part of performance.