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STEAM Signature Program

Student collaborating on a STEAM projectBy implementing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) approach to learning, students will engage in personalized learning opportunities that will increase the academic rigor by focusing on the integration of ELA standards and strategies. 

Mission:  We prepare our students for opportunities of tomorrow by providing them with 21st Century Skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity to ensure a successful future. 

Vision:  Committed to creating caring relationships, responsible individuals, and collaborative, life-long 21st Century learners.

Thompson Ranch is preparing students for the opportunities of tomorrow by engaging them in authentic, open-ended STEAM investigations that connect with real life and promote problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

STEAM Vision
School administration will:  
  • Set high expectations for teachers with a shared vision of purpose and process for STEAM integration through ELA standards and strategies 

Teachers will:
  • Facilitate through open ended investigations by providing students with authentic, real world and rigorous cross curricular STEAM 
  • Students will: 
  • Connect to the real world by engaging in critical thinking, problem solving, open inquiry, and relevant and authentic learning experiences. 

Connection to the 3As 

  • Academic rigor and active engagement are critical components of effective instruction. 
  • Provides multiple opportunities for personalized learning
  • Students utilized 21st century skills and the Profile of a Graduate attributes while engaging in real world, rigorous, and cross curricular STEAM units.
  • Facilitates multiple opportunities to plan, prepare and create engaging STEAM units in PLC teams.
  • Integrating ELA standards and strategies into STEAM lessons

  • Integration of the Arts in STEM lessons provides students with a whole brain approach learning.
  • Incorporate interdisciplinary STEAM units of student into music, art, band, physical education, and IExplore
  • Engage students in inquiry based learning and engineering into special areas/elective course
  • Provide students with multiple arts infused STEM programs  before/after school and extended school year 

  • Students are provided with opportunities to participate in STEAM based units in physical education courses.
  • Integrate sports focus into STEAM units 
  • Provide students with before/after school athletic programs that utilize STEAM