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Official Dysart District Hashtags

#HashtagsThe Dysart Unified School District maintains a list of DUSD approved hashtags that can be used to keep social media conversations going. Please use them to help promote the district, per the guidelines below, on your social media posts. It is also helpful if you can tag @DysartUSD in your posts to help ensure we see them and can share your posts regularly.

Showcasing things that go above and beyond the expected. 

Showcasing the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie in the shared community of Dysart and everyone who makes up the district and schools. 

Students, alumni, teachers, and staff posting about school pride and their love for the district and/or schools or programs. 

Keep in touch and updated about what DUSD alum are doing

Posts related to the Dysart Centennial celebration or history

Welcoming students, staff and parents to the district. Promoting different orientation events & activities.

Showcasing course offerings, including Signature Programs, and academic honors and awards, including scholarships and college acceptance

Highlighting arts-related events, classes and awards

Promoting athletics offerings, events and accomplishments