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Middle School

image of two male students working togetherCourse Outcomes 
College and Career Readiness prepares students for success in the workplace and at school. The outcomes are aligned to Career and Technical Education Standards, the Arizona Core Curriculum Standards, and provides the students the skills and knowledge to complete their personal Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP).

Six-Year Plan / Career Research / Student Portfolio/ECAP (Counselor)
Students will set college and career goals and complete a college and career portfolio aligned to their goals

Collaboration/Relationships (Counselor)
Students will describe and model communication and team skills that contribute to learning and lifelong success in school and work.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Teacher)
Students will solve and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills required to solve academic and real world problems.

Personal Awareness and Reflection (Counselor)
Students will evaluate and reflect on their individual intelligences, strengths, values and personality traits.

Learning and Achievement (Teacher)
Students will take Cornell notes, organize and track their learning, assignments, work, and will connect their behaviors, actions and decisions to their understanding of content and their academic achievement.

Critical Reading and Writing (Teacher)
Students will demonstrate critical reading skills for attacking enriched text to gain deeper meaning and will use the writing process to write thoughtfully.

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