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Facility Use/Rental

Performing Arts CenterDysart Unified School District is pleased to offer our facilities for community use.  If you are a community member or group who would like to use a Dysart facility, please read the information below and direct your questions to the Community Education Program Manager at 623.876.7918 or email

When do I need to reserve the facility?
At least two weeks prior to your function.

How late can the event last?
The individual/organizations event should conclude no later than 10 p.m.   Extended vacating time will incur additional charges to the occupant.  (Exceptions must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent.)

How do I pay for my facility use?
Make the check payable to Dysart Unified School District and mail/deliver to:  Dysart Unified School District, Community Education Department, 15802 North Parkview Place, Surprise, Arizona 85374.  Credit card payments can be made at the Nathaniel Dysart Education Center at 15802 North Parkview Place, Surprise, AZ 85374.  Telephone payments may be made by calling 623.876.7979 or 623.876.7154 during office hours 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How do I cancel the event/activity?
A written cancelation or change notice from the person responsible as stated on the facility use request form must be received by the Community Education office two weeks prior to the event in order to cancel an organization's payment liability.

Can I meet at the school for longer than one year?
A one-year limit shall exist for the use of a school facility by a specific group.  All agreements end on June 30 of the current school year.  A request for renewal must be submitted to the Community Education office and will be evaluated for renewal.

When can I advertise my activity?
Advertising may occur after the agency has received written confirmation (contract) of approved facilities use  from the Dysart Community Education office.  Verbal and written communications about your event should include the agency's address and phone number.  Please note:  Dysart Unified School District may not be listed as a sponsor in your advertisement.

Can I place signs on school grounds to advertise the event?
Signage may be displayed only during rental hours.

If my agency is a for-profit group but the activity is for fun or charity, do I still have to pay for-profit rates?

Can I pass out flyers/advertisements at the school(s)?
Written approval from the Dysart Unified School District is required prior to the distribution of your flyer at any Dysart school.  To obtain permission, contact the Public Relations Department at 623.876.7195.  If applicable, please be sure flyers state whether an event is an approved fundraiser.  Please allow up to two (2) weeks for your flyer request to be approved.

Do I need insurance?
Yes.  The policy needs to be in the amount of $1 million with Dysart Unified School District, 15802 North Parkview Place, Surprise, AZ 85374, as the additional insured.  Contact your insurance agent for this coverage.

Will school personnel be on duty?
No, unless the personnel is requested by the requesting group.  Please see the fee schedule for rates.  If the requesting group waives the use of a facilities usage specialist, the requesting group assumes all clean up, security, and allowable functions for the facility during times of usage.

Can the school staff volunteer his/her time?
No.  To comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, facilities useage specialists may not open, close, or clean the buildings on a voluntary basis.

Can I store my items at the school?
No.  There is no storage space available at Dysart school facilities.

Can I leave theater set pieces, props, stage floors, and equipment set up for the entire rehearsal and performance dates?
Stage set-up accommodations must be requested on the application; additional fees will be charged and the request must be approved by the building principal.

Can I use the schools' supplies and equipment?
School supplies may not be used.  However, equipment may be requested and used for an additional fee.  Please contact the Community Education Department for equipment availability.


Facility Use Handbook Rental Contract 2017-2018 [PDF] 

Facilities Use Request Internal 2017-2018 Fillable Form [PDF]

Facilities Use Request External 2017-2018 Fillable Form [PDF]

Facility Rates K-8 Schools 2017-2018 [PDF] 
Facility Rates High Schools 2017-2018 (2) [PDF] 
Facility Rates Class I and II 2017-2018 [PDF] 
Facility Rates Class III 2017-2018 (2) [PDF]