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photograph of the Director of Athletics
Jim Braden
Director of Athletics & Student Activities

 We, the administration and coaching staff of the Dysart Unified School District, consider interscholastic athletics a vital part of the total educational process. The Athletic Department is committed to the democratic process, which recognizes an equal opportunity for all students, regardless of sex, color, national origin, religion, or economic status. As administrators and coaches, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our student athletes, their families and the entire school community. Participation in athletics provides an opportunity to add to the overall educational experience of a student and teaches much more than sports skills and fitness. Athletics are a vehicle to teach life skills, character, pride, self-confidence and much more. Development of these skills does not just occur when students participate; these skills are the result of athletic programs that choose to make them a priority.

Our philosophy is to provide all students with an environment that is safe and encourages active participation in a variety of activities under different teacher/coach role models. As members of the Dysart District Athletic Staff, we strive to foster positive experiences and guide our student athletes toward realizing their full potential. Through practices, games and example, the staff works toward preparing students to succeed rather than merely to win games. Win or lose, our students should learn lessons of a lasting and positive nature.

When students wear the colors of their school, it is assumed they will not only understand the traditions of their school, but will be willing to assume the responsibilities that go with them. The most important of the responsibilities students assume is to broaden and develop strength of character. Students owe it to themselves to derive the greatest in their academic studies, their participation in other extracurricular activities as well as in sports to help prepare themselves for their life as an adult.

female track athlete sprinting to finish lineSquad members also have the responsibility to be leaders in their school. A school cannot maintain its position as having an outstanding school unless students do their best in the activity in which they engage. The student body, our community and other communities judge each school by each student’s conduct and attitude, both on and off the field.

As a squad member, students also bear a heavy responsibility to their home. When students know in their heart that they have lived up to all the training rules, that they have practiced to the best of their ability everyday and that they have played the game “all out,” they can keep their self-respect and their family can be justly proud of them. The younger students in the Dysart Unified District are watching the student athletes. They will copy those student leaders in many ways. Student leaders should never do anything to let those younger students down and should always set good examples for them.

Within the sports programs, young people learn the values associated with discipline, performing under stress, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership and organizational skills, participating within rules, physical well-being and chemical health, striving towards excellence, and many other characteristics that come quickly to the mind of any parent. If interscholastic athletics are to be justified as school activities, values such as these must be priorities of every program. Ethics, playing within the spirit of the rules and good sportsmanship (which is good citizenship) must be woven into the fabric of the athletic program.

The elements that support this philosophy are as follows:
  • Interscholastic athletics are completely voluntary. We encourage every student within the district to take advantage of interscholastic athletics.
  • Selection of participants will not be based solely upon athletic performance, but also upon attitude, conduct, academic achievement, cooperation and an earnest desire to respect the school and district in a manner that compliments the school and community.
  • Our student athletes will be provided a well organized, coordinated program that provides proper instruction, sanctioned equipment, monitored practices and groomed facilities.

Interscholastic athletics stresses the values of integrity, fairness and good discipline.
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