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Winter Spirit Week
VVHS Winter Spirit Week

February 1st - 5th 

The theme is: Game On Valley

2/1 - Monday:  Operation - HomeTown Heroes or Superheroes
2/2 - Tuesday:  Jumanji - Animal or Tourist
2/3 - Wednesday:  Guess Who - Celebrity or Character
2/4 - Thursday:  Game of Life - Babies (underclassman) or Elders (upperclassman)
2/5 - Friday:  Una Familia (Uno) - Blue (9th); Green (10th); Yellow (11th); Red (12th)

**Dress code enforced**

Valley Vista Spirit Week flyer
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1st Semester Final Exam Schedule 2020
1st Semester Final Exam Schedule 2020

**Students are dismissed at 10:30am both days**

Thursday, December 17th

Period 1  7:15 - 8:15

Period 3  8:20 - 9:20

Period 5  9:30 - 10:30

*There is a 10 minute passing period between 3rd and 5th periods.
**Buses roll out promptly @ 10:37am

Friday, December 18th

Period 2  7:15 - 8:15

Period 4  8:20 - 9:20

Period 6  9:30 - 10:30

**There is a 10 minute passing period between 4th and 6th periods. 
**Buses roll out promptly @ 10:37am
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iSchool Finals
iSchool Finals can be taken during the following times at Valley Vista
Monday 7:15-12:15 (or by appointment in the afternoon)
Tuesday 7:15- 4:30 (the doors lock at 5:30 pm)
Wednesday 7:15- 4:30 (the doors lock at 5:30 pm)
Thursday 7:15- 4:30 (the doors lock at 5:30 pm)
Friday 7:15-3:30

*Please contact Mrs. Milobar if you have any questions [email protected]

Students coming between 7:15 AM -3:30 PM must sign in at the front desk

Coursework needs to be completed by December 4th.

All finals need to be completed by December 11th.  

Ensure that you are eligible to take the final prior to coming to the school.
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Virtual Future Freshman Night
Wednesday, November 18, 5:30PM
Intro Live Streamed From  VVHS Performing Arts Center

Get a look at all the Academic, Extra-Curricular, and Athletic opportunities that Valley Vista High School has to offer the Class of 2025!
Welcome to our “Vamily” where there is something for everyone:
Quality and caring teachers and staff
Championship caliber athletic programs
Award winning performing arts
Opportunities to earn college credit
Wide variety of student clubs


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VVHS Picture Retake Day
Missed Picture day...No Problem

Valley Vista High School will be having a picture retake day.

When:  Monday, November 30th during Lunch  (11am - 12pm)

Where:  Lecture Hall Lobby 

Students will come down during lunch periods
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VVHS - Picture Perfect Stormcoming
November 16 - 20

Monday  11-16-2020 - STOP  (Picture This Stoplight Day)
Single - Green
Complicated - Yellow
Taken - Red
Staff - Black 

Tuesday  11-17-2020 - Picture My Playlist
Dress like your favorite Genre of Music

Wednesday 11-18-2020 - Picture from the Past 
Recreate a picture from your past or represent a past decade.

Thursday 11-19-2020 - Snapshot from Space, Space Day
Dress in Neon or as an alien or astronaut or futuristic.

Friday 11-20-2020 - Our Vamily Photo (Class colors day)
Freshmen - White
Sophomore - Grey
Juniors - Purple
Seniors - Black

*Dress Code Enforced**

Stormcoming 2020
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District Benchmarks October 28th & 29th
District Benchmarks 

Bell Schedule

Wednesday October 28th & Thursday October 29th

Wednesday 10/28 Schedule
1000 (non-math classes), 3000, 5000, 7000, 8000B LUNCH
1000 (math classes), 2000, Gym
Period 17:15 - 9:20Period 17:15 – 9:20
Period 3*9:27 – 10:27Period 39:27 – 11:27
A Lunch10:27 – 10:57B Lunch11:27 – 12:02
Period 3*11:02 – 12:02  
Period 512:10 – 2:15Period 512:10 – 2:15
*split lunch

Thursday  10/29 Schedule
1000 (non-math classes), 3000, 5000, 7000, 8000B LUNCH
1000 (math classes), 2000, Gym
Period 27:15 - 9:20Period 27:15 – 9:20
Period 4*9:27 – 10:27Period 49:27 – 11:27
A Lunch10:27 – 10:57B Lunch11:27 – 12:02
Period 4*11:02 – 12:02  
Period 612:10 – 2:15Period 612:10 – 2:15
*split lunch
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ACT Testing 10-20-2020
VVHS Late Start Bell Schedule 
ACT Testing 10/20/2020
Class of 2021 can check their testing locations on Schoology OR on the alphabetical rosters posted out the exterior or the 2000 Doors. 
7:15 - 7:20 Students report to testing room & store personal items
7:20 Proctor begins directions
7:30 - 8:15 Test 1 Reading (45 min)
8:20 - 9:20 Test 2 Math (60 min)
9:20 - 9:30 10-minute break
9:30 - 10:05 Test 3 English (35 min)
10:10 - 10:45 Test 4 Science (35 min)
Period 1 (25 minutes)11:15-11:40
Period 2 (25 minutes)11:45-12:10
Period 3(30 minutes)12:15-12:45
Period 4 (25 minutes)12:50-1:15
Period 5 (25 minutes)1:20-1:45
Period 6 (25 minutes)1:50-2:15
*dismissal for ACT tests will be at 10:45
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Spirit Week- Sept 28 - Oct 2
Valley Vista Presents

Home Sweet Home Spirit Week - Sept 28 - Oct 2

Monday 9-28  Make Yourself at Home
Wear Your Comfiest Pajamas)

Tuesday 9-29  Home Run
(Gear Up In Your Sports Attire)

Wednesday 9-30 Homies
(Match With All Your Friends)

Thursday 10-1 Home Away From Home
College Gear or Future Career)

Friday 10-2 There's No Place Like Home
(All Out Valley Gear or Colors)

**Dress Code Enforced **
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VVHS Dance Receives Program of Excellence Award
The Valley Vista High School (VVHS) dance program was awarded the 2020 K-12 Dance Program of Excellence award by the Arizona Dance Education Organization (AzDEO). The award was announced at the AzDEO annual meeting, and the school was presented with a plaque and $500 donation for the program. Valley Vista is the first high school to receive this award.

In order to receive the award, dance programs must exhibit growth and inclusiveness; a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum based on artistic processes that supports a well-rounded education; address the needs of all students; be student-centered; have parent and community support and engagement; and provide access to professional development.

In the award letter from AzDEO President, Andrea Downing states “the Valley Vista dance program under the leadership of Amy Crow exemplifies these principles. Arizona has many fine dance programs, but Valley Vista’s embodies the best in dance education.”

Amy Crow has been the dance teacher at Valley Vista High School since the school opened in 2006, building the program from the ground up. There are currently nine dance classes serving 280 students at Valley Vista High School. Among the many accolades the dance program has received are superior, distinction and proficient awards at the AzDEO High School Dance Festival; 20 students inducted into the National Honor Society of Dance Arts; and student recipients of the AzDEO Student Leadership Award, state level Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award, and guiDANCE Mentor Program. 

“We are very blessed to have so many dance educators in Arizona who felt the Valley Vista Dance Program exhibits the education that students deserve,” said dance teacher Amy Crow.

“The Valley Vista Dance Program is a top notch program that is still continuing to grow and move forward under the leadership and guidance of Ms. Crow,” said Dysart’s Director of Arts Education, Danae Marinelli. “Her students continue on in life with the skills and mindset that allow them to be successful in their endeavors whether it be becoming a dance professional or some other path. Valley Vista Dance program is an exemplar program.”

The Dysart Unified School District values arts education and was one of the first districts to participate in the inaugural Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency program which was launched last year. Dysart schools had 47 graduates earn the seal in its first year. 
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