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Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) Services

gifted and talentedPurpose

Based on the unique needs and characteristics of students identified as gifted, the mission of the Dysart Unified School District is to provide an array of services to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of these students in our community.

Mission Statement

To deliver educational programs designed to assist gifted individuals to achieve their full potential in intellectual pursuits, community leadership, and creativity.  This mission is achieved through the use of sound differentiated instructional strategies that include but are not limited to:  complexity, depth, novelty, pacing, independent study, and acceleration.  Professional expertise is fostered and exemplary resources are utilized to develop intellectual rigor, humane values, and creativity.  The program recognizes and responds to the diverse gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups.

Organizational Structure

Dysart Unified School District is committed to providing quality services to all students including those who are identified as being exceptional through demonstration of high cognitive ability.

GATE Testing Dates and Specifics for 2018-2019

September 4-14:  Testing for students new to DUSD (Gr.1-8)
November 26-December 14: Gifted Testing  for students Gr. 1-8
February 25-March 15: Gifted Testing  for students Gr. Kinder - 8

GATE Resources