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Digital Photography

The Photography program is designed to prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills in the manufacture and distribution or transmission of graphic communications products. In addition to technical skills, students completing this program will also develop advanced critical thinking, career development, applied academics, life management, business, economic and leadership skills required for graphic communications occupations. (Each course is a year long divided into two semesters.)

*Students should choose two or more year long courses offered in this program in order to complete a course sequence to be considered a Concentrator
Note: These are the courses that are offered for the current school year. However, classes and locations are based on student enrollment and subject to cancellation if they do not meet minimum participation requirements.

Photo Imaging 1-2
Students will develop basic composition, lighting, and camera operation skills using digital cameras. They will explore photography-related careers. This course will introduce students to several industry-related computer programs including Adobe Photoshop. The outcome of the course is a basic portfolio that reflects the course objectives and the student’s photographic style.

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 1
Grade: 9- 12
Location: Dysart High School

Photo Imaging 3-4
Students will deepen their photographic skills using film and 35mm film cameras, plus medium and large format cameras. Additionally, students will explore traditional film development, printing and design and produce advanced skills Adobe Photoshop projects, create a business plan for a photography business, apply scenario-based learning to actual “real world” photo assignments, and apprentice with a master photographer.

Prerequisite: Photo Imaging 1-2
Credit: 1
Grade: 10-12
Location: Dysart High School

Photo Imaging 5-6 Honors
Students will participate as an apprentice and/or intern with area graphics industry stakeholders. This class is an independent studies program where students will be encouraged to perform campus and district photography assignments; further, they will develop and submit proposals for photo-based products to the district, local government, and businesses. Students will strive for advanced certification in Adobe software. The outcome of this class will result in multiple-format portfolios for specific markets, a resume that reflects on-the-job photography experience, references from three graphics industry resources, and a multi-year plan of post-secondary education or an industry-approved business plan. Students will be prime candidates for scholarships, grants, and other aids to advance their development as professionals in Graphic Communications. *This course may be offered for dual enrollment credit through Estrella Mountain Community College pending instructor availability.

Prerequisite: Photo Imaging 3-4
Credit: 1
Grade: 11-12
Location: Dysart High School

Digital Photography Internship
Students will participate in a Digital Photography Internship.This one-semester course will allow CTE students who have completed the program sequence to experience on-the-job training in a career path. Requirements include three weeks of classroom instruction in job preparation and application and 60 hours per semester of on the job field work. Artifacts include a complete portfolio, two employer evaluations, two instructor field evaluations, a final, written summary and reflection. Students must provide their own transportation to the internship site.

Prerequisite: Application
Credit: 1
Grade: 12
Location: Dysart High School
Photography Program
Photography Program Travel to Dysart High School and learn more about the CTE Digital Imaging and Photography Program ...