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Clubs & Activities

Watch the School Happenings and School Calendar Box to see when the clubs are meeting.

If you want more information on the club, click on the sponsor name and it will bring up an email for you to ask your questions.

2021-2022 Dysart High School Club List


Art Club
Sponsor: Elena Lozano


ASL Club
Sponsor: Chris Brown


Sponsor: Alesha Wisbey


Badminton Club
Sponsor: Michael Anderson


Band Club
Sponsor: Jordan Mooney


Baseball Club
Sponsor: Kevin Carleton


Basketball (Boys) Club
Sponsor: Keegan Cook


Basketball (Girls) Club
Sponsor: Dustin Borst


Be A Leader Club


Best Buddies Club
Sponsor:  Julianne Brown, Jennifer Carleton


Cheer Club
Sponsor: Michelle Tabachki


Choir Club


CO 2021 Club
Sponsor: Maryssa Siegle


CO 2022 Club
Sponsor: Alora Garrett


CO 2023 Club
Sponsor: Samantha Jones


CO 2024 Club
Sponsor: Tami Dimascio


Coding Club


Cross Country/100 Mile Club
Sponsor: Ivory CarsonChristina Bergeron


Dance Club
Sponsor: Jonie Henriksson


Sponsor: Leslie Palombo


Drama Club
Sponsor:  Laura Poole


Football Club
Sponsor: John Ganados


Golf Club
Sponsor: Thomas Vesey


Sponsor: Sandi Oligny


Sponsor: Jimmy Marose, Jonathon Linde


Key Club
Sponsor: Lupe Romero-Humes


NHS Club
Sponsor: Chris Brown


P.E.T.A.L. Club
Sponsor: Maryssa Siegle, Elysse Power


SkillsUSA Club


Skills Auto Club
Sponsor: Kurt Woods


Skills DVDemons Club
Sponsor: Hayley Linderman


Skills Shutterbug Club
Sponsor: Laura Linderman


Soccer (Boys) Club
Sponsor: Jose Partida


Soccer (Girls) Club
Sponsor: Ashley Mette


Softball Club
Sponsor: Brittany Russell


Sports Med Club
Sponsor: Chris Candia


StuCo Club
Sponsor: Maryssa Siegle


Swim/Dive Club
Sponsor: Jennifer Carleton, Alora Fox


Teen Law Club
Sponsor: Janice Koenig


Tennis (Boys) Club
Sponsor: Kyle Simpson


Tennis (Girls) Club
Sponsor: Michael Anderson


Volleyball (Girls) Club
Sponsor: Larissa Diaz-Shaw


Wrestling Club
Sponsor: Ben Bloom


Yearbook Club
Sponsor: Laura Linderman​